Friends, I'm getting serious about sharing my fiction writing, and I'd like to ask for your support.

I've re-launched a Ko-Fi page, as the vibe is much better than Patreon, and planned an entire series of posts and excerpts, and even videos, to share the novels that I'm working on.

All the posts about my writing process will be free to read, always. But I would also put to good use any donations or memberships you'd like to give, too, especially right now.

Having modern-enough tech to get a work from home job, being able to keep studying IT and infosec (and a language!), even the hosting and domain to start building this fictional world its own online home -- it stays just out of financial reach, and that's frustrating.

Whatever you can spare helps, even $1 a month. And this time, I'm nervously excited to share something with you in return!  :ablobdj:

So if you like queer-centered science fiction and fantasy -- or even if you're just nosy about what my desk looks like this week -- please do stop by.

Boosts are appreciated!

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