re: transphobia-adjacent, sports, note for cis people 

Cis people:

Please don't permit yourself to be fooled that things like this only affect the exact people that they officially target.

This is one example of an actual slippery slope.

A bill banning young trans girls from womens' sports teams at school, doesn't just affect young trans girls at that states' schools -- though that's already far too many girls.

* It affects the cis girls who are their friends, and want them on their teams.

* It affects trans boys, weighing up the risks of applying for the boys' team.

* It affects nonbinary people, who understand they'll have to "choose a side" to be on a team.

* It affects adult women's teams, who will have fewer experienced players to choose from.

* It affects coaches, who now have to enforce a policy they might find soul-crushingly hurtful.

* It affects trans adults, who want to play sports recreationally, and now have to worry about bigotry being enabled and encouraged in their own sports communities.

Bills that target "trans children" are intended as threats to the entire transgender demographic. Children are easier to legislate against, as they have few rights for themselves, and there is a cover of their "protection" to hide behind.

What is done to trans children is what bigots want to do to ALL transgender people, and all non-conforming people of any kind.

Including you.

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