Look, I get folks don't like AMP but I just kinda want to point out how awful so many sites are at delivering an efficient webpage. What's more, a lot of these sites are much more intrusive than Google.

So when I hear people who I've seen running slow-ass websites festooned with all manner of probing and tracking, forgive me if I roll my eyes at the complaints about big companies getting in the way of their data harvesting business.

@endomain Well, we could have a standardised AMP-like thing that isn't too dependent of Google :shrug:

Mozilla or DuckDuckGo, start to work on it.

But as for now, this is better than nothing.

@Genstar @endomain We have that. It's called HTML 😭​

I see the need for AMP. The HTML spec has ventured far from being a means of marking up hyperlinked documents.

It would be nice to see a split. Two HTML content-types. One would would define a document and be optimized for document distribution. No Javascript. Build a limited set of interactions into CSS to cover the most common use cases that a website needs as a collection of documents.

Then define an application/html spec that defines an HTML based means of defining a front-end UI to an application and design the spec around that.

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