Cyberpunk is a genre before it was a game. Cyberpunk was a thought experiment before it was a genre.

Cyberpunk is what you do today with technology to make humans more human and individuals more empowered to define what "human" in the face of a system that wants to standardize everyone so that they're more amenable to corporate optimization.

Cyberpunk is you using your power to be unique. Don't let them call it chaos. It's your order, and they find that inconvenient.

@endomain It's funny to me how I have totally no idea about cyberpunk besides I think to remember it in a rather dystopian way (seems I got something wrong). But what you write about chaos and self-defined order matches perfectly with what I consider my view on anarchism. And probably the biggest misconception about it as well (being unstructured chaos). :)


Cyberpunk was the ingenuity of taking chisel-carved wooden shoes and shoving them up the larger machines 😈

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