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@thegibson @endomain I suppose this doesn't add a new capability, just streamlines an existing one.

The terrifying implication is how easy this technology is to install ANYWHERE.

@remotenemesis @endomain

We're all going to need killsuits to be private... and you won't be able to fly that way... and further, your anonymity will actually flag you.

@thegibson @endomain the only safeguard of a modicum of privacy will be to own your own plane. While us peons line up to be scanned and tracked, the wealthy elite drive up to their hangars without such checks.

Security theater, you might ask?

@remotenemesis @TheGibson @endomain The "opt-out" clause is theater as well.
Every time I try to opt out of some supposedly optional thing (last time it was the pornoscanner), the security staff argue with me, question me, do their best to shame me into changing my mind, and then make the alternative as humiliating as possible.

Passport photos are required to be biometric quality exactly to enable such use; the commercial sharing is mildly surprising to see such blatant use of, but I hope most people are beyond surprise at this. Even if I know I hope in vain.

@moonman @endomain how the fuck do we live in this world. also this seems like its really easy to scam and maybe we can all just wear funny masks that make us look like pilots and get free flights. waiting for "catch me if you can 2"

@moonman @endomain Gonna start painting my face every time I fly. We will fuck up their databases eventually.

@moonman @endomain thats my friend! they are bad ass. I love that you just posted this picture...

@dlovell @endomain Probably meaning social media sourced ID images, or similar pools of personal data being passed among them institutions and corporations.



I think that's hard mode. They have passport photos and RealID mandates central digital collection of license and ID photos.

@endomain @dlovell Isn't RealID a relatively new thing not available in all states?

@antonlopez @dlovell It's not new, and we're already past the aggregation requirement deadlines as I understand it (this is complex, so I reserve the right to be wrong). Some states are pushing the ID and pre-ID-issuance standards, and that's the lagging edge.

@antonlopez @dlovell But pulling from Social Media is so hit or miss and human guided, even consumer products don't go whole hog on it.

@endomain @dlovell Anyway, I wonder what's used to validate a live photo against the database. Must be something obscure to me.

@antonlopez @dlovell I'd imagine something shady that works passably well on white men who look calm in good light. Probably cooked up by Palantir.

@antonlopez @dlovell @endomain i mean, considering its planes we’re talking about, so gov photo ID is already required, the passport/drivers license database seems a lot cheaper and easier for them than sourcing from social media

@Satsuma @dlovell @endomain Just my speculations. I wouldn't expect that the DHS is dismissing social media (and other corporate) ID data, though.

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@endomain not really. we're never going to care or do anything about it.

@endomain I don’t .... mind this? idk. either way my identity is being confirmed whether it’s a picture of me or a picture being taken of me


keep in mind, a lot of the systems that aren't built in the last 2 years are extremely prone to misidentifying faces that aren't very white.

Even white people like me might have a problem if we've substantially changed our appearance, say, coming out non-binary.

@amiloradovsky Since when has reliability been a goal?

It's an instrument of authority.

@endomain I didn't speak about the goals, I only stated a fact.
Whenever the biometrics is employed for authentication, there is much higher chance of denying the access for a legitimate user, and allowing it for a malicious one. Unfortunately the authorities apparently believe it's somehow superior to the usual credentials anyway.

@amiloradovsky I don't understand why you are telling me things I already know and that other people are unlikely to see. But yes, I agree.

I don't know what you know (but sure everybody knows more than me).
And there may be still chance other people stumble upon this thread.
Whatever. I responded just because I could, and had nothing better to do with the time. Never mind.

@endomain is this real? Like, is this actually happening?

@danipozo It might be less so if our governance was more trustworthy.

@danipozo @endomain Us has been requiring biometric-compatible photos in passports for over 15 years now and been matching those at customs for at least as long. This stuff is so old it's almost at drinking age in some countries.


A.k.a. the reason I haven't flown in this crazy country for nearly a decade.

@endomain we can't fight it - the data's not only already there; this was set in stone years ago

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