Music Labels Sue Charter, Complain That High Internet Speeds Fuel Piracy

It is good Apple is making a spending tool that doesn't give them purchasing data.

But they're empowering one of the most abusive FIs in America with one of the most powerful consumer brands in the entire world.

GS is gonna bundle and sell advice based off their data. Apple is making a new financial Facebook with a stream of purchasing data from the top 25% richest folks in America.

It is bad.

@noelle now that we've been able to sequence the DNA, we've discovered that dogs were likely domesticated by humans on *at least* three separate occasions, from three different root species of canids and on three different continents!

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C programmers need to effing stop writing C, but they also DOUBLY need to stop writing ridiculous, "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SECURITY ALSO SCREW RUST โค๏ธ GOLANG" screeds.

This is like, the pinnacle of being an unprofessional actor in a professional field:

So I'm starting to get marginally annoyed with some limitations of my pixelbook as a dev laptop
It's a fun exercise but I'm tired of swimming upstream on this. I will keep using it as a travel laptop, but I'm considering getting a real dev laptop.

Please, friends, convince me not to get a macbook pro because I don't want to.

Anyone within 60 miles of the DC area want to sell me their old 386, 486, or pentium desktops, laptops, accessories, or software?

(People not in the area are also welcome to offer to sell me laptops, light accessories, and some software.)

I don't want to spend a ton of money, but there are *many* formerly common items I'd like to track down.

I recently saw this absolutely crazy and somehow even more racist live-action remake of "The Last Son Of The West" and in the YouTube comments someone insulted the guy by saying, "He looks like the moon had sex with a graveyard".

I'm still shook by the power of that burn.

Spent the whole night carefully modifying my position under about 8 thick blankets to optimize my fever so I didn't inadvertantly go over 101. Surprisingly tiring.

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How I imagine antenna and radio design works:

You must carefully follow the sacred geometry as handed down by the ancients; a random configuration of metal and frequencies either won't work (if you're lucky), or will attract the attention of eldritch horrors.

How antenna and radio design probably actually works:

The same, but s/eldritch horrors/exasperated and overworked FCC field agents/.

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