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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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I have unpopular opinions about managing software. I will give one to you for each fav I get on this toot until I run out.

"If it ain't broke, it will be" plays very well with the Ham Radio Crowd.

Wore my Gen1 hoodie to SFARC tonight. Ended up pitching the place to two different groups. I wonder if we'll see any new members.

Hacker News and Comically Weird Arguments 

"Someone was mean to me but I don't think code safety or soundness is exciting so I called their code boring and refused it."

Dang dude, do you know how this open source thing is ideally supposed to work?

I gotta get back into the habit of hacking and exercising daily

I've explained what it is and where to get it maybe 40 times in the last 14 days.

It's weird how excited folks are to know about my DIY smartwatch, but how disappointed they are when they hear it doesn't do what normal smartwatches do.

Orange Website Complaints 

I am doing that thing again where I just don't sleep for a long time after an international flight. Because I am dumb.

I cannot figure out what folks see in Tef Ebooks. He seems like kind of a smug asshole trying to remake the world in his image.

Also, the software engineers who embrace this by suggesting "works on my machine" and. "good enough" and "worse is better" are part of the fucking problem. Their so-called expert advice is self-serving in the extreme.

The thing that's so annoying about this, "Farmers are sticking to ancient and inefficient tractors because they can repair them themselves" is that there is 0 reason that Farmers couldn't manage simple control software.

It is not that hard. Anyone who has passed through high school math and reads a page or two about what a derivative is can follow along with a PID controller.

It's a decision that companies have made in part because they want the subscription revenue for their equipment and in part because they skimp so much on software (despite it being the new core of their product) that they know they'd be ashamed of that output.

Anyone have any experience setting up serial tty on raspbian? (or on android?)

I have done it in the recent past, but I can't find the tutorial I followed, and I can't for the life of me remember how to do it automatically.

( I can spawn a getty to listen on the serial port manually, but I want to run this machine headless, so that's not really an option. )

An interesting difference in London I notice: lots of homes have broadcast television antennas on them.

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