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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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In case you're curious, these little toys sit with high gain antennas pointed at Starbucks or other free wifi, and then launder the wifi for their users. They're often rigged in public places, and you're never seen anywhere near the wifi they access. They also launder your traffic's egress point via either Tor or just another node on the network (it's possible to bounce through multiple Starbucks nodes, weird right?)

They're absolutely crazy and the plan was to have them hidden off grid in crazy places as a public service / "art project"

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I was in the City recently and saw one of the hidden wifi nodes that the collective approached me about making 2 years ago. I know a spot where they were gonna put one that had no grid tie, so I always check.

Those legends. I gotta get back in touch and find out how to wake it up. Most of them sit quiet until they *see* an SSID, then they'll go live for awhile.

Stopped the abstract biking today and got on a real climb to train on real climbs, where you actually need to apply dynamic pacing.

Did a route that ascended 144m in 3.2km, max grade is 10%, average grade 9.4%. I did it in about 13 minutes (which included 2 traffic stops).

Given I haven't ridden a bike on a real road in 5 years, I feel pretty good about this as a start.

I took the time this morning to slice a tomato from our little greenhouse, pan-toast a proper biscuit, melt some coby-jack cheese that I got at a dairy farm shop earlier in the week, and fry up a really fresh egg for a sandwich.

I don't often do this but I'm very happy right now.

Cameras are a lot like guns. It's tempting to just "ban them" but in reality all this does is give an exclusive right to them for folks most prone to excuse.

Cops are literally calling the act of filming them a "hate crime" because they're so goddamn scared of a bottom up surveillance state. There are negative outcomes too, but you gotta admit there's more to it than this.

Folks losing their minds over a bunch of nerds putting up face tracking cameras in a museum. So ridiculous.

1. It won't work all that well, so joke's on the museum nerds.

2. Folks are literally saying it's going to turn all art into sex or something. My gal, firstly that's not what John Berger meant and secondly I regret to inform you it's already that way.

Oh look. The "Freedom Phone" looks like a grift. Aren't you shocked to your core that the American Far Right couldn't pull this off? Maybe in part because they don't actually want to make something to good. The modern American Right rejects the notion of freedom, they're socially authoritarian in nearly all cases.

Textmode only terminals are bad and they're holding us back badly.

We need to find a way to make vector and bitmap visualizations of our code just as natural as text. The motivation for texmode-only terminals (intense memory pressure) doesn't even exist on high end microcontrollers anymore.

The examples of GPLd code spilling out of copilot WITH license attached are nearly as wild as the validateEmail regex that is actually malicious code.

Doing my best to bring novel content here and not just make it my periodic negativity dump. It's way too easy to feel like you get drawn to venting when you have a more-or-less anonymous profile.

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