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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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I have unpopular opinions about managing software. I will give one to you for each fav I get on this toot until I run out.

It's so stupid that I need to order metric screws from goddamn china because I cannot buy them local for cheaper than 25c per individual M2.5 bolt, and I can't buy hex nuts at all.

Building a USB-C Charger for Canon NB-4L Batteries

One of the most appealing aspects of USB-C is that it promises to be a unified power delivery system. Youโ€™ll no longer need to have a separate power cords for for your phone, camera, and laptop; physicaโ€ฆ

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I grabbed the rest of the FastLED demo reel and put it on the diffused LED panel just to see the effects. It's pretty great.

I need to reprint one part, file down a rough edge in one part, and wait for some machine bolt delivery.

The challenge here is going to be working out how to get the ESP32 networking to be async so I can show effects while also enabling network control.

I need to modify the design for the PCB mount and dog help me this is just FastLED tutorial code on an ESP32 but: this little grid is working. I've got a swappable breakout board for the microcontroller to plug into. I've got a nice 3d printed enclosure and pixel isolator. I've got a cut piece of led diffusing acrylic to make the light look uniform.

They weren't kidding about LED Acrylic being good. These square pixels look great.

@endomain The point-to-point VPN software:

I'm using it to tunnel a lot of services and it's pretty sweet.

Putting the EICAR Anti Malware Test File ( in a QR code and putting it up everywhere is a hilarious idea.


I can't even tell you how many months I've been banging on this 3d printer to get to this phase.

Hot glue has bad thermal properties for lighting.

Today, I'm getting several sheets of LED acrylic and I finally got my 3d printer up online.

So I guess I can actually make the next lighting prototype soon.

Fancy building an Injection Molding Machine? Check out this project by @DevLab_NRW.

Learn more:

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Prototype lighting setup.

Learning a lot from the paper prototype.

Feels like the instance is really, really slow lately. I wonder if there are disk-related issues?

It's a dog treat box lid, lol.

I'm not gonna 3d print the prototype.

The downside of this choice is not that it's hilarious (it is) but that it's not very good at dispersing the heat. I can't run it at full power forever.

Even a 3d printed version would have this problem. I need vents and a heatsink.

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I built it. It works. It's made of paper so I can't run it at max power.

The next rev will run on USB-PD and have a battery and a battery indicator.

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The orange skies over SF left me feeling bad but also it was like impossible to do video conferencing because my face wasn't lit.

So I've taken it upon myself to make a photo light this afternoon rather than dwell on my terrible pollution-induced headache.

Tusky's decision to banlist a bunch of hate speech fediverse sites is looking pretty prescient today.

Liberal takes on the latest rounds of protests are so tedious.

Stealing Keys from the Sound of the Lock

If you are smart, you wouldnโ€™t hand your house key over to a stranger for a few minutes, right? But every time you use your key to unlock your door, you are probably broadcasting everything an attacker needs to mโ€ฆ

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