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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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I have unpopular opinions about managing software. I will give one to you for each fav I get on this toot until I run out.

Ugh folks going, "The CDC was once great just look at the Ebola virus outbreak handling, we need to get that CDC back."

Yeah, let's talk about this. Obama's admin was a participant in the occupation of West Africa to prop up their regime change and rent-a-soldier presence in Africa. Everything the CDC did there for Ebola was primarily in service of power projection for US actors stationed there. Ebola was never going to be a pandemic. It fundamentally doesn't have the characteristics of a pandemic and has been mutating in humans for 10 years without developing any high risk features.

The idea that the CDC was somehow fantastic 7 years ago is part of the competency fiction the CDC is often afforded. In reality, they're a lot more like DARPA: good at picking who's research to fund and what corporate agencies to contract. Their actual permanent staff is small and is mostly non-practicing now.

Had a totally fun experience hosting a party in our Animal Crossing island. Better than expected!

The hard part of being a parent after loss is letting your kids see your sadness, but not losing yourself in it so that you can help them face their own loss

I hate doing this. I don't want to do this. I don't want to have to do this.

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I kinda wonder if there is an MST3K format for books. Because Atlas Shrugged is such a dumb pile of shit it deserves more direct mocking

If you would like to see an incredibly heavy-handed attempt to pivot white nationalism to the left, then I've linked a site that was tactically floated onto HN today.

These folks are coming for your politics. Can you identify the cues so that you know who's nose to break?

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This is a constant inspiration to me. (image via Wikimedia commons)

Season 1:
Oh, hell, yes. Look at all these vests!

Season 2:
Hmm, not as many vests, but I'll stick with it.

Season 3:
WTF is that, a light jacket? Why even call it Vestworld at all?

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The new Doom game is a bit like Golf. Fun to play, boring to watch. I hope gaming YouTube gets over it soon.

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