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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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I have unpopular opinions about managing software. I will give one to you for each fav I get on this toot until I run out.

Homework alongside my daughter shows her how I move my hand, and gives me a chance to practice Shavian on the side.

Ouch, my wallet.

Just ordered a new fairly top-of-the-line spec PC. I couldn't justify the threadripper, but I convinced myself I'd use the Nvidia 3090.

First desktop upgrade in 7 years, actually, so it's not like I don't try and get value out of my high spec machines.

My current machine is inadequate, but not at all non-functional. I need to find it a new home. Maybe my daughter's school wants it.

Wait, the former president's new social media is just... another attempt to hijack the Fediverse?

Didn't Gab's abject failure at that send a clear message?

Can I be honest for a moment?

I'm not going to build a PC after not having done it for 6 years and wanting a very high spec GPU. I'm just not. It'd be a terrible idea for me to do that.

I've concluded if I am going to drop Le Bigcorp Bucks on a desktop, I'm going to NOT get a Threadripper, I'm going to get a Nvidia 3090. The 3090 is obtainable, the threadrippers basically aren't unless you pay $10k for a desktop PC, which is too rich for my blood even if the check wouldn't bounce.

It seems to me that I can deal with just having 16 cores. But that 24gb of ram on the video card lets you do stuff that no amount of processor cores can really replicate.

The current trend in motion graphics is to do stuff that looks like it's done realtime, but has subtle effects that are in fact raytraced caustics or just sophisticated material diffusion.

And I can't render stuff like that because my big computer is nearly a decade old.

How on earth is Facebook giving such crazy high offers to people without massive salary inversions?

If you have not seen Chronicles of Stampadia, let me recommend it.

It's a daily roguelike, generated solo pen-and-paper game. The entire game content is obscured and you reveal it as you go. It's shockingly good, and the kind of thing that might make a long flight or long camping trip or night without power very bearable.

Today's Chronicles of Stampadia is quite difficult compared to yesterday. The second Guardian Twins trap just ruined me.

Drop my daughter off at school, ride down the hill, get coffee and pastries, ride back up the hill, then get to work.

This is a great morning routine.

This was also a chance for me to make a custom mesh from a reference image, and it's the first time I've done that.

Here was the mesh before I started working on shading it.

In some sense, this is more compelling and I think maybe I should work on a composition that makes the frame more apparent.

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I might revisit this and try animating the wireframe while leaving the faces themselves a constant color.

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I saw a bear wireframe t shirt yesterday and it inspired me to try making a eye-pleasing bear mesh in blender and see if I can do something interesting with its shading.

I think I got somewhere. It's animatable, but I haven't figured out how to make it 100% safe for epileptic folks, so I'll just post frames.

Rebuilt my entire home network around a pfSense switch.

But still using the vendor router+cable modem. I should maybe fix that next.

This is fantastic. Roguelike Celebration is delivering the content I crave.

Oh sure, a last minute 8:30am meeting on a day where I have 6 hours of meetings to "say hello." What an excellent way to read the room.

Our relationship is off to a good start, what with you treating my schedule like an optimization problem to be overcome in the most convenient way possible.

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