Still, the current ongoing crypto crash can only be good for the long-term health of the industry.

Right? Right? The financial industry is capable of learning things right?

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I'm trying to thread that needle between not egging people on towards self-harm but also knowing that I told them so and they called me an idiot.

The Discourse is pretty awful now. But in some ways it's useful. The fake libertarians and fascist-capitaliats celebrating this outcome are easy to spot and pre-emptiveky block.

Ooof, all these new people.

I hope someone's gonna revive followfriday in a couple of weeks when things have settled down somewhat...

Almost four years have passed since I grew this mycelium bowl and it's still in remarkably good condition.

The only folks I can't show mercy for are the pro-proof-of-work folks. Those people need to have their infrastructure and probably their houses burned down.

They're busy hastening the destruction of the world and then whining about why we attack their weaker position first rather than breaking our teeth on the spine of global capitalism.

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I'm really struggling to work out why I have such a hard discussing technology with blockchain folks. We actually share a lot of opinions!

I think I've worked out the root of the misunderstanding today. It's that when folks say things like, "Web3 is about decentralization" we both understand this statement in fundamentally different ways.

I accept it from the angle, "Web3 as a technology fundamentally tries to decentralize things." And I think, frankly, that statement is false.

But I think folks mean to say, "The technology I want to build with web3 is fundamentally decentralized" and that statement is both unfalsifiable (I guess without like a brain MRI or whatever, maybe) but also plausible. You *can* use web3 as a platform to build more decentralized systems than most people enjoy.

I also think they approach it with fundamentally less skepticism about financial tech than I do. But as someone who did a fintech startup and exited, I think I'm much more jaded and realistic about what's possible within the current economic frameworks they're trying to enter. Basically every cryptocurrency instantly re-invents brokerages, a faster payment network that is less anonymous than the actual ledger sheet, KYC variants, and ways for 3rd parties to not give all their data to the bank in ways that the bank can still trust.

These two things add up to a very hard-to-articulate culture divide between me and a lot of blockchain-positive folks.

I'm stunned by how much better I feel after the PT worked on me.

Feeling hopeful.

I am quiet because I somehow ruined my shoulder. I can barely dress myself the pain is so bad. I can't lie down so I've been sleeping sitting up in short naps that wake up to a starburst of pain that leaves me in tears.

X-ray is negative. MRI isn't even scheduled yet.

Am acquaintance of mine beat cancer this month. Full remission. Fuck yes. Wish I could drink to celebrate.

There is a special dark place in the world inhabited by cancer survivors, watching others wrestle with cancer. A place that celebrates fiercely when they win, and gets darker and smaller when they lose. You take every win you can get.

Been distracting myself with "insane YouTube".

Here's a preview of this bonkers video someone found.

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