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Slashdot Syndrome, where you're so concerned with performative anti-corporatism that you're incapable of empathy with non-tech people nor of making rational computer security decisions.

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It is extremely surreal to see my Kindergartener kid watching a school video about "Netiquette."

Like, the in jokes and community standards of my childhood are now basic internet curricula.

It doesn't make me feel old, persay. Just... Strange.

Lol, finally got a temp ban from birdsite.

All because I said that I'd happily pay the fine or do short jail time to break TealDeer's jaw. Sic semper misogynistic idiots.

But I guess that is a rules violation. Fair enough.

Duality of Light Explored by Revisiting the Double-Slit Experiment

Weโ€™ve all seen recreations of the famous double-slit experiment, which showed that light can behave both as a wave and as a particle. Or rather, itโ€™s likely that what weโ€™ve seen is the rโ€ฆ

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Given what an absolute authoritarian shitshow America's corporate power structures are; it should be utterly terrifying to everyone that they're routinely offering more pushback on digital surveillance than local law enforcement ever would.

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Hollow out a space in your door, put your raspberry Pi in there, then run wires to the hinges and run the 5v through the hinges via a hidden wire in the doorframe.

IDK maybe that'll hide it.

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Uncomfortable facts: It's probably a lot easier for local law enforcement to get a warrant to seize and examine your personal computers directly than it is for them to successfully get your data out of a FAANG company.

The FAANG companies hate doing that work and argue about it all the damn time. Your local judge probably feels like a zillion bucks sending cops to seize assets. And they've feel like a kobuhzillion bucks ordering you to your face to unlock the computer or face contempt charges.

I mean, I'm sorry. But this is true.

I gotta admit, I have complicated feelings about Apple lately.

It must be really amazing to get to work at a company that designs so many systems from the ground up. That isn't an integrator of parts, an that focuses on making physical objects rather than an impossibly complex and inscrutable global cloud presence.

And the reality is, they're *really* really good at it. On a level that's sorta historically unprecedented, and they've maintained that quality of output (in fact, I argue they've gotten better) since losing their celebrated visionary and their lead designer purportedly taking a more backseat role over time.

But part of me also knows what a challenging company Apple is to work for. What an abusive company they are in the corporate IP space. What a destructive company they've been to the world of software.

I wish there were ethical ways to push technology forward. But increasingly it seems like it's impossible. Or that doing so would involve starting from scratch at such a fundamental level that we'd be jumping back to the 90s.

Recycling was a lie โ€” a big lie โ€” to sell more plastic, industry experts say. Less than 10 per cent of the plastics weโ€™ve used have been recycled. A new documentary reveals why.

I had foot surgery earlier this week, which led to an infection I've been fighting on and off as well as a great deal of pain.

Sorry I've been so quiet. I can barely even work.

I need a good book with introduction up to reasonable proficiency for control systems, particularly PID controllers.

Does anyone have any recommendations they could kindly share with me?

So last night my new breadboarded ESPHome temp sensor shut off because it was too power efficient and that fooled the USB power bank into shutting off.

Wifi is on all the time here. So I think that the newer ESP32 firmwares must be a lot more efficient than the ones we did tests on years ago. Even through BME680 updates current draw never exceeds ~50mA. I had assumed it'd eat 50-60x that once online.

Last night I got home assistant working. Tonight, I flashed an ESP32 (An Adafruit HUZZAH32, lovely little board but pricey), got OTA updates working for ESP home, quickly soldered headers on a spare BME680 breakout board, and got it wired into Home Assistant in about an hour.

This is pretty impressive stuff.

Eight Motors Can Sure Pump A Lot Of Water

Once upon a time, 3D printing was more of a curiosity than a powerful tool, with many printing trinkets and tchotchkes rather than anything of real use. However, over the years as technology and techniques have โ€ฆ

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Pop_OS continues to be a linux distribution I can reach for to shove on random hardware and have it "do the right thing" and not take a massive poop in a week.

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