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I have unpopular opinions about managing software. I will give one to you for each fav I get on this toot until I run out.

Hmm, my soldering to the power board is a bit shit. I probably need to redo it. That ground line is just awful and jiggles, probably shorting out.

Okay, basic picking software done. Time for the animation code and the power limiter code, and then the branding.

I'd want 2 red two blue and I'd want the stems to be white. See the comic panel for an example.

I'll probably print one cloud with rain, laminate it, and make it one stationary prop while a pair or trio of servos spin the umbrella models, and the inside is printed with the background.

What I need to do is get that music downloaded and translated into a form I think I can play back. Maybe a really stripped down mono .wav file will be small enough to fit in a microcontroller ram next to a decoder and a small servo control loop.

So here is where I was hoping for help. Could anyone with a 3d printer recommend (and maybe even if I paid you print) a handful of small toy umbrella models? I can give you dimensions and it looks to me like thingiverse has a model for an appropriate toy.

I'd make sure to cover shipping and filament costs and some modest labor cost, and some extra, with the expectation that you work out the print and the fit. I'd need maybe 5 (3 for the build, 2 spares).

Not only am I building props for my Daughter's halloween costume with integrated electronics, but I'm also planning to make her a custom puppycat music box from scratch.

The trick with an electronic music box is how to make sure the batteries last a long damn time. What you need is a power supply with a pull*down* pin to completely disable the input voltage regulator, thus making the majority of the device inert and cuting your draw below 1 microamp.

But once it's up, folks expect to have a few servos in action and a reasonably bad sounding music play.

For me, I need to play an MP3 so it's not going t be easy. She wants a Music Box from an issue of Bee & Puppycat. The songs are here:

The comic image of the box along with the QR code that plays the music:

Just 2 hours on oncall, a dog walk, and then I can work on my neopixel hat. Got some quick soldering, a small job cutting up the hat & trimming the strip, then fixing the strip and the htown patch.

After that, its just flashing software and adjusting the hat.

The more I mess with it, the more I'm impressed by Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express.

September is my town's summer and boy is it miserable.

Quite sad to see Keybase betray a bunch of folks trust. They were a good idea that's going to be choked by cryptocurrency scams and profiteeering.

Looks like Keybase has gone from "nice UI for PGP" to "vehicle for pushing cryptocurrency bullshit". Time to uninstall that app.

Shouting "I declare bankruptcy!" As I type "killall chrome" this morning at work.

I have everything I need to make my branded bluetooth hat.

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