@jbob You know, after @stman comments, I'm thinking again about what you said. I was interpreting "general-purpose computers" too narrowly. If we use them right, FPGAs could open up what we think of as general-purpose computers. Instead of a handful of very fast, power hungry CPU cores, we could have a sea of logic specialized in the moment for the task at hand. That's something I've long wanted to see, but for some reason never thought of as "general-purpose", but why not?!

Have you heard of Zeer cooling? It's a method for refrigerating food without electricity in arid regions using evaporation.

PDF: movement-verein.org/wp-content

Trying to rewire the breadboard #Z80 based on a "bus-centric" approach - always dedicate a rightmost breadboard to the system bus for each functional block. At the expense of more board space and more wires, it should be easier to debug and build, let's see how it goes. #retrocomputing

American Libertarians think that CEO responsibility justifies their outrageous wages. "You have to pay someone that much to get the best person to do a hard job."

But most CEOs who take the gig get paid even more if they quit. So if the compensation package is "why they work so hard", then why aren't they quitting at the optimal time to maximizes profits?

Maybe there is more to human motivation and human performance than profit, and maybe CEO compensation is a good example.

whoever came up with the idea of marketing food to depressed people: fuck off

The light doesn't spill into the valley this late. I wonder if we'll see the lit windows tonight.

We must fight authority and privilege, while taking advantage from the benefits that civilisation has conferred. We must not destroy anything that satisfies human need however badly -- until we have something better to put in its place.
-- Errico Malatesta

#anarchism #quote #bot

WASI aims to bring cross-platform, sandboxed executables using webassembly as the base to non-browser systems github.com/CraneStation/wasmti

It's also ocap-based so there's some hope for security actually working.

However Ben Laurie (who worked on Capsicum) argues that since we have something resembling a clean slate, why try to build it on a broken POSIX'y type design? (Article also talks about how and why containers continue to break their own sandboxing) medium.com/@benlaurie_18378/ho

Got a snack of Robot Ramen at the Boba Shop.

Verdict: actually pretty good! But obviously hand prepared in advance and then flash heated.

Can I go live there and leave this shitty country and its shitty politics behind? ๐Ÿ˜•

Just to show you what some of the random weather and the night time for this scene look like, here's the same scene I've been linking at 3pm today and midnight, respectively.

I love how this app created such a sense of presence and live in these scenes. As the day goes on, the scene changes just by palette and sprite swaps.

@xj9 You have me really nerdsniped now
I am constantly looking for materials for your project. I saw arstechnica.com/science/2019/0 and it got me thinking.

Sodium sulfate is a bit of a pain in the ass to brew at home but it's doable. You can synthesize everything you need directly.

Would be idea for environments rich in energy but low in water, and it'd be reasonable to get materials to make it.

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