Reminder that some people disappear from your life and that's OK.

It does not mean that you are unlovable or that they're upset with you.

Distance happens. Sometimes without any good reason that your anxiety would accept.

This msg is as much for my own self as it is for anyone who needs to hear this. :blobcatreachsad:

Wow. I never expected this to blow up so much. :_catsleep:

I just wanted to add that it's also OK to have feelings over those distances and disappearances!

If you need a hug, here's one from me! :blobcathug:

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@ella_kane Very true and a good reminder. I've lost a couple of "best friends" to this phenomenon over the years. We just kind of grew apart. No ill will or intentionality on anyone's part. It's a natural part of some relationships.

@ella_kane sometimes it's the healthier, respectfull and more mature choice aswell. Speaking of someone that has been in the abandoning part on a few ocassions.

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