@xrevan86 hey, there!

I know that things are heated rn, but could you please give it a thought regarding your phrase in the bottom page of your instance that says that everything on it is under that CC license?

Perhaps a compromise here would be to make a distinction there that the posts in itself and their content are from their own authors, who have different opinions regarding the use of theirs words and media?

I don't think I've been affected yet, but I'm a content creator and I don't want anyone to use my work for commercial and derivative works, etc. just because they might have found it thru your instance.

If you do not have access to a way to change that phrase or you don't want to for any reason, can I then please ask you that you delete me from contact with your instance? 😅

I'd rather not to go that way, and instead that we can reach a middle term on this, but a lot of us are artists and we're tired of getting our works ripped off, and that phrase in the bottom could be used as a loophole, or even encouragement, especially by people who get to it and don't understand that this is all in a federated social network, yanno? :_catsad:

Thank you in advance,
Ella K.

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