:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless, November's movie is FINALLY decided:

:ameowbongo:​ Gattaca (1997 - swear, thought it wasn't as old!)

:WeAreNameless: ​It's a date: 16 of Nov. at 22:00 UTC

:WeAreNameless: WAN: WeAreNameless - When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia

#WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi movies.

@feonixrift @wearenameless I mean... I knew it wasn't new, hence my choice for this month's, but when I checked the date on imdb I was shocked to know it's from around the same time-ish as Hackers.

It wasn't until around my 17 yrs old that I saw Gattaca and I remember that I felt it as brand new back then!

@ella_kane @wearenameless I maybe had it mixed up with battlestar galactica in my head? or maybe I was watching too much old stuff at the time when it came out? But I'd thought like 80s or something somehow.

(Looks Gattaca up)
Haha, Gore Vidal is in this? That should be interesting.

@c0debabe @ella_kane I can't even parse how old I feel now! But yes, it does feel like it just came out the other day or so... Damn!

@ella_kane @wearenameless Aww I have a party that night, But Ethan Hawk reminded me of another great movie to put on the etherpad!

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