:WeAreNameless:​ The #WeAreNameless movie for October 2019 is...

drum-roll please :ameowbongo:

:WeAreNameless:​ The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)!

:WeAreNameless:​ Join us: 26 of Oct. at 22:00 UTC

:WeAreNameless:​ Stream at #OTV, of course:

:WeAreNameless:​ WAN't stickers? There:

:WeAreNameless: WAN: WeAreNameless - When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia

#WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi movies.

:WeAreNameless: Got suggestions? Doubts?

Here's a:

@rysiek @wearenameless :c

It was the best date for the WAN regulars, as Sundays are a no-go for some due to work, and Samhain itself usually doesn't have many people near a screen. :blobpatpat:

@ajroach42 @wearenameless @lindsays OMG! That'd be awesome, but maybe for the sake of WAN and future nameless ones' catching up to speed with us we could do it thru text here on fedi using the hashtags #WeAreNameless #WANshadowcast? :ablobcathappypaws:

@ella_kane @ajroach42 @wearenameless @lindsays
Mastodon client that does that? Eh?
Snap your face at time of posting?

@grainloom @ajroach42 @wearenameless @lindsays we could change our avatars, take selfies or... since we're having a year to think about it, maybe we can get some sort of live-chatroom? :thinknyan:

Cc @seven

@ella_kane @grainloom @ajroach42 @wearenameless @lindsays This would be a great feature, I can look into it for WAN specific runs, it would perhaps require some permissions and use of an app integration, on whatever mastodon instance you wanted it to work with, but I will for sure add the idea to the whiteboard.

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