Hi, everyone! :blobartist:

We're looking for audio-visual artists who want their stuff displayed online.

Anything from animation shorts to music videos as long as it's yours and/or CC.

The idea is to build up a sort of community 'TV' (stream), for fedi peeps to watch and have fun! :blobaww:

Cc: @seven

#OTV #WeAreNameless #CallForArtists

@Eidon @seven Hi, there!

Yes, you can! Thank you for being a part of #OTV!

Will give more updates regarding this soon. :ablobsmile:

@ella_kane @seven I've got some older music in a Soundcloud account..

This sounds a bit like what @sean is putting together, at least on the film and video side. Potential collaboration?

@Blort @sean @seven it does? We're wanting to have an online TV station. I thought Sean was having more of a directory of CC stuff. But yeah, def. grounds for collab, here! :ablobcatrave:

Hi there, Seanshine! :ablobcatangel:

@ella_kane @seven @Blort I was actually curious about doing some kind of survey / census thing for PeerTube creators, in the hopes of maybe doing something like Trunk for fledgling creators and people looking to discover stuff.

@sean @seven @Blort I'm sure @kensanata will be more than happy to know there'll possibly be a trunk just for that! :ablobcatrave:

@ella_kane @sean Sorry what is Trunk? And do you think something like this qualifies for TV? (warning autoplaying music):

@ella_kane Unfortunately, I have to say that mp4 basically barfs hard on most of my animations. Exhibit A:

@audiodude Oh! It got really frigged up! :blobcatsurprised:

@seven can we do something with something else that's not mp4?

@ella_kane @seven I don't think it's mp4 exclusively. Just any modern video compression algorithm has a really hard time with moving fine lines, which is basically exactly what this is.

My wife showed me a video of someone throwing confetti on YouTube and it's more of the same.

@audiodude #Trunk is a tool to allow you to follow people who volunteered to be listed by their interests/things they toot about:

@ella_kane @seven I could make a vid or two sometimes. Until then, I can offer BMT videos I paid for and own as an advertisement.

@m4iler @ella_kane Sounds good I'll take em, post em someplace I can get at them.

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