Follow is opening after 2300 UTC, June 7!!!

We're going to have this Friday, 7 of June, at 21:12 UTC to watch the movie Hackers again! :ablobdj:

It's timed so by the end of the movie we can all press F5 until the store opens and we get some gorgeous limited edition H town patches before they all sell out *forever*. :ablobcatrave:

at 1412 PDT and 1712 EDT :hacker:

I'll be in there in spirit but doing the $daygig

@ella_kane This endless pre-announcing schtick is great SEO. Perfect thing to do on Twitter, fits right in. It's really annoying on fediverse.

@mdhughes endless? But I only made some posts about it today. O.o

Thanks for letting me know, anyway!

@ella_kane Getting a head start on hackers, because when the movie ends, the store opens! :thonking:

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