@ella_kane It's a nice idea and definitely easier for non-usa folks to go there. HOWEVER, it's unlikely to happen. Organizing a conference is a ton of work even without the added overload of organizing it on a continent and in a country you've never held it in before. Sprinkle on top that this bonus will be there for each and every year and you got yourself one unattractive proposal for organizers. ;)

That being said: Hacker Europtrip? Love it!

@hashtagsecurity ok, then! Hacker Eurotrip it is! Thanks for the name! :P

And good points.

@ella_kane I'm part of the BSidesMunich orga team and swiching event venue withing the same city is a big hassle and brings fear of the unknown with it. Imagining that on a country or even continent scale. Me shudders. ;)

@ella_kane Sorry, must have missed your last post. Good question, but I think one con per year would be a good start. similar to how OWASP does it.

Definitely focus on the hacker community and not on commercial aspects (vendor booths and such). Get the right people in and keep the tickets low price. Maybe organize hacker tour busses from major cities to the location? Sounds like a party.

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