Dear fine hacker folxs,

it is time we decentralize DEFCON.

I'm hereby proposing 2020's DEFCON to be in Europe. More specifically in Portugal, Lisbon.

Then we could just go across Europe from there: Spain, France... each year a new country. Instead of London we could do Scotland and try to hack that damn lake and find Nessie...

It'd be like a really big and long long-term road trip with one year pauses. What say you?

@ella_kane you have my support. I'll be waiting for all you hackers here in sunny Lisbon!

@ella_kane não... já tinha descoberto isso há uns tempos, mas é difícil conciliar o horário...mas gosto da escolha dos filmes :)

@ella_kane dos filmes que já viram, só não vi o Hardware

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