Dear fine hacker folxs,

it is time we decentralize DEFCON.

I'm hereby proposing 2020's DEFCON to be in Europe. More specifically in Portugal, Lisbon.

Then we could just go across Europe from there: Spain, France... each year a new country. Instead of London we could do Scotland and try to hack that damn lake and find Nessie...

It'd be like a really big and long long-term road trip with one year pauses. What say you?

So... Um,,, maybe DEFCON 2022? Since you're all actually getting on board with this and on second thought 1 year isn't enough to port that hing over Europe that quickly. Especially if I'm alone in the task.

So, call for arms, here!

@ella_kane I kind of like the idea. Would make getting to more difficult but definitely a thing.

@drwho I know it'll be difficult for you USA folks, but think of all the Europeans et all who have been going to USA in purpose for DEFCON. It's our turn, now. Let's share the load! :allthethings:

@drwho plus, it could help foster hacklabs et al through Europe (and then more easily rest of the world).

And nothing would stop us from going back to status quoafter the "road trip"!

@r3pek shit, I dunno.

If someone wants to help make it come true (because I can't do it alone, FFS), we'll sort it out. For now, I'll just bookmark your interest here!

@ella_kane i have never understood the appeal of Las Vegas

@hirojin me neither!!! There's just so many better places, even within USA!... *sigh*

What about throwing out the defcon bit and helping people there organise their own hacker events, instead of going all colonial?

Do go to europe, check out European hacker events, share knowledge, learn help out :)

@webmind It's re-appropriation thing of sorts. Easier to use the name and actually make people from outside come here to Europe than to just keep doing what we are doing already... You know?

Why have it centralized? Right now it's like DEFCON is at mastodon.soclal, while it could be decentralized.

Just a (drunken) idea...

Decentralising hacker events is great, but I would suggest touring existing european hacker events, the events are quite cool and you can have your own little village. Could do a defcon village at ccc camp if you like :)

@ella_kane you have my support. I'll be waiting for all you hackers here in sunny Lisbon!

@ella_kane não... já tinha descoberto isso há uns tempos, mas é difícil conciliar o horário...mas gosto da escolha dos filmes :)

@ella_kane dos filmes que já viram, só não vi o Hardware

@ella_kane It's a nice idea and definitely easier for non-usa folks to go there. HOWEVER, it's unlikely to happen. Organizing a conference is a ton of work even without the added overload of organizing it on a continent and in a country you've never held it in before. Sprinkle on top that this bonus will be there for each and every year and you got yourself one unattractive proposal for organizers. ;)

That being said: Hacker Europtrip? Love it!

@hashtagsecurity ok, then! Hacker Eurotrip it is! Thanks for the name! :P

And good points.

@ella_kane I'm part of the BSidesMunich orga team and swiching event venue withing the same city is a big hassle and brings fear of the unknown with it. Imagining that on a country or even continent scale. Me shudders. ;)

@ella_kane Sorry, must have missed your last post. Good question, but I think one con per year would be a good start. similar to how OWASP does it.

Definitely focus on the hacker community and not on commercial aspects (vendor booths and such). Get the right people in and keep the tickets low price. Maybe organize hacker tour busses from major cities to the location? Sounds like a party.

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