Thanks for showing up and watching this movie with us, :C_H:

:WeAreNameless:​ Please vote ASAP on the poll for May's movie: - we're currently between ExistenZ and Hardware, basically!

— It'll be on 2019-05-11 at 18:30 UTC

@ella_kane too much murderizing and body horror in this poll, I think I'll pass on this one :blobcatsip:

@polychrome @ella_kane I know nothing about any of them, so I too am abstaining from the vote.

@polychrome Aye, aye! I tried putting movies I never saw this time, so I could check my personal bias a bit.

(Western) Summer should be lighter, though, with some animations. :ablobsmile:

@ella_kane that creepy robot from Hardware looks pretty cool out of context tho o_o

(From a far, safe distance)

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