Oh, hai!

I'm Ella, the organizer of the monthly movie watching , which so far has been always about cyberpunk nostalgia and sticking it to the Man!

This community project started here, in

If you're in an instance that has blocked us and want to keep your :WeAreNameless:​ experience full you're prolly going to want to have an alt somewhere else or something... *sigh*

Having this said, I'm very proud to call Htown home. You'd only get it if you were here, or adjacent to us, I guess...

Anyway, since this seems to be of importance to some people, I wanna say that I'm in watchlists due to past activism... activities!, and I'm here.

Yeahhhh... How about that? I should run away, right?

NO! :blobcatstop:

Fucking "cancel culture"...

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