:WeAreNameless: We cannot see all the toots being sent to right now.
Federation is laggy. Sidekick is dying. Or there's a bug.

:WeAreNameless: Whatever it is, there seems to be a major delay, even within instances (at least in ours it is a 10-20min. lag).

:WeAreNameless: So, before everyone goes away I'd like to thank everyone for joining us for WarGames and to let you know that next month's movie is going to be Sneakers!

I also wanna thank my co-host, @remotenemesis for his effort bringing us so many good info! :ablobsmile:

I repeat: next :WeAreNameless: is going to be Sneakers on 2019-03-16 at 21.00 UTC!

Mark the date! :blobwitch:

:heart_cybre: For more info check:

@ella_kane @remotenemesis
Thank you! 🙌🏻
And I can't wait to watch Sneakers again (and I'm sure @SetecAstronomy is burning! :)

@skynebula @ella_kane @remotenemesis Incensed is the word you're looking for. We should have been watching it this week.

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