⁉️ WTF is ?

:WeAreNameless: is a fediverse project where hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:WeAreNameless: How Do I Get In?

Pin the hashtag on your Fediverse client
Get a copy of the movie and make sure it works (DVD, streaming, whatever you feel like/can get your hands on)
Press play on the hour and enjoy the movie with us commenting and interacting using the hashtag

:WeAreNameless: What's Playing This Month?

We an etherpad to keep track of what's coming up next, the schedule, give suggestions and all that jazz:

:WeAreNameless: A bot will also post updates about the goings on (WIP): @wearenameless so you may want to follow that account too!

:WeAreNameless: This info can be found at: so if you just wanna keep it simple while telling your friends about our movie sessions you can just point them there!

With :heart_cyber:,
Ella K.

Have you folks considered setting up a cytube channel for these?

@gentoorebel yes, but the spirit of this is to keep it to Fediverse with the comments (on PC and/or mobile) and with each of our devices, for maximum accessibility and less friction.

Also, being a bit out of sync doubles the fun, sometimes! :ablobsmile:

Of course, totally get it. Just asking if it was something anyone had mentioned. Cheers.

@ella_kane What an awesome initiative :) Will definitely try and make one soon :)

CC @laura

@aral @ella_kane @laura
Yay! Would be great to have you both for one of our movie nights! :)

@aral @laura Thank you! :ablobsmile:

I hope you and Laura can join us, if not for this one, then the next one(s)! ^^

@ella_kane so, this is basically SPC movie night, only without the synctube

@dwaltiz I don't know what's "SPC movie night" but yes on no synctube et al. The idea is to just press play on the hour and comment here as we go. Being a bit out of sync sometimes makes it double the fun! :)

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