@ella_kane Perfect for the parenthetical thought :portal: there's always more than one :portal_or: s that just won't quit expanding.

@ella_kane I've, uh, never played it? Typically I just insert "Now you're thinking with ______!" jokes in vaguely dubious contexts.

@ella_kane @feonixrift Both of em. Portal 2 is amazing, but you need Portal to make it amazing.

@SetecAstronomy @feonixrift I actually have both, but I've been lazy and more attracted to stuff like... No Man's Sky! :blobaww:

@ella_kane @feonixrift Once you get into it for a bit, you'll find yourself sucked in and unable to quit 😀

@feonixrift @ella_kane There's very little I'll play. Because Lazy and Cheap and Linux.

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