:WeAreNameless: WarGames shall be our next movie, ! :ameowbongo:

Get ready to watch it together on Saturday, 23 of February, at 21:30 UTC (AKA 9.30 PM UTC)!

- Here's the parental guide for your CW needs: if any of that upsets you then I do not recommend watching it with us. ^^;
. TL;DR: it's PG! :ablobsmile:

⁉️ WTF is ?

:WeAreNameless: WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:WeAreNameless: Wanna know more?


I am so ready for this!

@SetecAstronomy I just want to highlight my commitment to Sneakers. Yesterday I bought a used copy on DVD.

Please remember that for future solidarity.

@remotenemesis @ella_kane I too have nothing against the competition. I own War Games on DVD (and of course Sneakers).

I need to uncover my DVD collection. I'm pretty sure it's in a corner buried under a bunch of Mom's sewing stuff...

@SetecAstronomy I have to find out whether I actually own Wargames on DVD or whether it was VHS @ella_kane

Hey, I was curious--had you all considered Aeon Flux (the shorts and anime) for TV shows to watch? It's kinda cyberpunk.

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