:C_H: is a place that occurs every month or so when hackers and their friends watch a movie together, powered by their own devices and having fun together on the Fediverse using the hashtag to comment on the nostalgic cyberpunk movie they're watching.

🔥 This poll is an orderly attempt to discover what should we watch next:

Please cast your vote(s). You cannot change your vote after, so keep that in mind. I'll close the poll in a week. :)

Voted for Blade Runner because androids are my favorite sci fi theme.

@faehnrich @rick_777 most welcome! :C_H:

Be at ease to add your own suggestions of movies to the pad as long as they fit the theme, and tune in to updates wither by following me or by pinning the hashtag and paying attention for next date, hour, movie, etc. :)

Don't forget to vote! And welcome to the club! ;)

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