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#Introduction & #Reintroductions post:

Hi! I'm Lt. Emojo of! :blobsalute:

I survived The Langoliers, Time Warps & got a cane I'm not afraid to use.

I got Admin privs in this instance originally for emojo duty - and unless you're a very naughty netizen that's how I like to, and will, keep myself at.

:blobwitch:​ I'm a daughter of the wire, a witch drawing strength from their pyre! :_stars: :_storm:

:WeAreNameless: I organize #WeAreNameless, a monthly community project on Fedi where Hackers & their friends (apparently half of Fedi) watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:C_H:​ This is my wishlist in the .com version:

If you're ever feeling like you wanna help me or just cheer me up, this would be a nice place to start. Thank you! :ablobsmile:

They, Them / She, Her / Kitten; #NoBot

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:WeAreNameless:​ Dear half of fedi,

We'll be back next month and year, 18 Jan. of 2020, with ExistenZ (1999) at 22:00 UTC.

:WeAreNameless:​ WTF is this anyway?
WAN AKA WeAreNameless: When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia!

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So, I kiiiiinda curate my followers list.

Not just who I follow, I like to have control over who gets to read my followers-only shitposts. Don't ask, I dunno why. :_catsleep:

I'm considering getting some sort of form to help fast track those who actually read my bio and want in on my bathroom party and are not bots. :bathtub_party:

Something simple, like:

1. Why do you wanna stalk Ella and what are your feelings towards cider?

2. Are you a bot?

3. Did you lie? :_catsad:

Apply here in the comments (unless you're a fash)! :blobcatknife:

:WeAreNameless:​ WAN AKA WeAreNameless: When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia!

#WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends (apparently half of Fedi) watch old sci-fi movies.

:WeAreNameless:​ Wanna get updates on movie sessions? Follow @wearenameless and/or @Mnemonic

:WeAreNameless:​ Have movie suggestions? Here's a nice pad for you to give them:

It is imperative that you find A Field Guide to Roadside Wildflowers At Full Speed.

It's freely available online.

You will understand why.

I wrote a bit more about the scraping of #Mastodon data for research. What happened, what went wrong, and why.

Thanks for all your suggestions so far! 🐾 Loving it!

Send me punk music, plz! 🐾

I love riot grrrl, but any good punk music will do. :ablobcatbongo:

Pretty please? :ablobcatheart:

Make software lighter so that we can buy “weaker” more affordable computers.

I hope that David Cronenberg produces a Phillip K. Dick movie adaptation before he retires.

Thanks to @mnemonic and @ella_kane for hosting another #WeAreNameless session! And thanks to #OTV for their streaming work!

Thanks to all the peeps :HalfTheFedi:​ for joining in the watching.

#OTV thanks for the streaming for the ones who were without copy ! Over 5K streaming! :k_whoa:

A big Thank you to @ella_kane for #WeAreNameless at all!

:WeAreNameless:​ Damn! This was quite the movie. I'm still dizzy, everyone! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thanks to @Mnemonic for suggesting it and hosting today's #WeAreNameless session.

And to #OTV for doing its thing over at and supporting this idea.

Mnemonic will take the reigns over WAN from today on.

Thank you very much for making WAN what it is rn, everyone! :C_H:

Awwww yeah cool movie! Cheers, @ella_kane and crew for the steady announcements, and for hosting the sync!

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless :WeAreNameless:

This may help understanding the metaphors:

"The film's plot came about after Cronenberg conducted an interview with Salman Rushdie for Shift magazine in 1995. At the time, Rushdie was in hiding due to a Fatwa being put on his life by Muslim extremists due to his controversial book The Satanic Verses. Rushdie's dilemma gave Cronenberg an idea of "a Fatwa against a virtual-reality game designer" "


"How do you put the game on pause? You can put the game on pause, right?" You've never played MMOs, have you? #WeAreNameless
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