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please give your cyberpunk movies and anime suggestions in the following pad:

I'll export those suggestions and then go from there for the next movie nights' decisions.

If you want, give me also, in UTC, your preferred times/availability, so I can maximize this thing for all of us to have a nice time together again at the same time! :)

Thank you for playing,
Ella Kane

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Door was open some time ago so I walked in this town.

I found it fun & comfy - even through the Attack of the Langoliers & the Time Warps I felt at home.

I'm still friendly & curious and, for those who didn't read my original post:

I used to like walks in the beach. I now prefer to sit back and relax in a bench.

Old ppl used to look at me funny 'cause I'm still young but now I'm one of them.

I have a cane, too! :D

P.S.: Thanks for having me. <3

- How would you explain with a 🗝. Or at least a list of scary things things, yeah.

I’ve gotten multiple books and taken multiple courses over the years. They always talk about and . Maybe they’ll go into and a little.

But they never really talk about wireframes and like how to assemble a design, how to pitch a design, and stuff like that.

Where do I learn that stuff?

Ok, so bot #2 is just as psychotic as the first. Maybe slightly more. Right, @20181210_01 ?

We're sailing with good speed today! Waters seem calm enough to just watch the world burn... I'm mainly just bored.

Lets take a moment to talk about the many faces of Activity Pub (this network) Show more

Hey, fediverse, what's your 'hacker drink'?

When the Secret Service busts down your door to take you in for hacking the Gibson, what are there cups/cans of all over your desk?

‘Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret’

“At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found. Several of those businesses claim to track up to 200 million mobile devices in the United States”

Also on our forum:

Hello wonderful people,

I've done something that might prove to be interesting. I started an instance with the express intent of filling it with those ebooks bots @lynnesbian makes, except they wont just follow actual people, they'll also follow each other.

Either my server will melt into a puddle of useless slag, or kick off the singularity (or form a singularity, whoops! sorry!) Regardless of the outcome, I'm rather interested to see what sorts of things these bots come up with.

To that end, I need people who want ebooks bots. Don't know what that is? Check out @lynnesbian_ebooks . I'm happy to host some over at if I can get some volunteers to have their toots scraped on a regular basis to feed these growing digital minds. Please bear in mind that each of these bots will _also_ be working off the toots of the other bots, who are following other people, so it's not quite the same experience you get with @lynnesbian

Interested? Suggestions? Reply or DM me.

, don't forget about movie day! It's this Saturday, the 15 of December! :blobcheerL:

Mark 10.30pm UTC on your calendars and get Blade Runner (uncut aka international version, from 1982, with 117 minutes) on your devices!

Make sure it runs too, so you don't get any nasty surprises. :blobcoffee:

Cleaning my glasses, screens and keyboards as though in prayer for the information they convey to pass with clarity.

Which one of you monsters made my kids so dang weird?

P.S.: how I miss having a mechanical keyboard. *sighs*

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

Ok, so Solargoth...

What concrete steps... what personal, positive impacts can we make?

for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

I'm already supporting Protect Our Winters, Surfrider Foundation, The Sierra Club and Greenpeace, but I would like to do more.

That's why I decided to become a member of "1% For the Planet".
So, in 2019 I'll commit to donate 1% of my revenue to local and international organizations that protect our planet and fight climate change.
We need them more than ever!...

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