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:blobwitch:​ I don't know who started this, but I think it's a very neat idea for #games:

Take what you want, leave what you don’t.
Delete keys as you grab them. Add your own if you have them.

:ablobcatrave:​ Pass along:

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So, I kiiiiinda curate my followers list.

Not just who I follow, I like to have control over who gets to read my followers-only shitposts. Don't ask, I dunno why. :_catsleep:

I'm considering getting some sort of form to help fast track those who actually read my bio and want in on my bathroom party and are not bots. :bathtub_party:

Something simple, like:

1. Why do you wanna stalk Ella and what are your feelings towards cider?

2. Are you a bot?

3. Did you lie? :_catsad:

Apply here in the comments (unless you're a fash)! :blobcatknife:

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#Introduction & #Reintroductions post:

Hi! I'm Lt. Emojo of! :blobsalute:

I survived The Langoliers, Time Warps & got a cane I'm not afraid to use.

I've got Admin privs in this instance originally only for emojo duty. Please don't make me switch gears, I don't like to be tested.

:blobwitch:​ I'm a daughter of the wire, a witch drawing strength from their pyre! :_stars: :_storm:

:WeAreNameless: I created #WeAreNameless, a monthly community project on Fedi where Hackers & their friends (apparently half of Fedi) watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:C_H:​ This is my wishlist (in the .es version much cheaper because no custom fees):

If you're ever feeling like you wanna help me or just cheer me up, this would be a nice place to start. :blobcataww:

They, Them / She, Her / Kitten; #NoBot

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:WeAreNameless:​ WAN AKA WeAreNameless: When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia!

#WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends (apparently half of Fedi) watch old sci-fi movies.

:WeAreNameless:​ Wanna get updates on movie sessions? Follow @wearenameless and/or @Mnemonic

:WeAreNameless:​ Have movie suggestions? Here's a nice pad for you to give them:

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Send me punk music, plz! 🐾

I love riot grrrl, but any good punk music will do. :ablobcatbongo:

Pretty please? :ablobcatheart:

20yr old me making plans: “Let’s party all weekend. We have 48 hours, we’re staying up that whole 48 hours.”

30yr old me making plans: “Let’s go to the onsen and take a nap in the lounge chairs.”

Me, every time someone deletes and re-drafts: Heyyyy, I was reading that! :blobcatsurprised:

Anyway white people you are funding and supporting modern Nazis who say shit like

"it’s not until the snivel rights era of the 1960s that America started becoming ‘multicultural’ and thinking that non-whites had anything of value to add to our culture."

quote, cdc chapter 7 (? I never know which is it, the app says 7 but the sound said 6) 

ella can have a self hosted disco as a treat

Note: if you notice me faving some of my own posts, it's because they're posts I wanna keep, and faving them is the only way to prevent them from being deleted by the forget app that I use for ephemerity purposes.

Does anyone here use, used (or wanted to use it but doesn't because of the many issues surrounding it) tik tok?

Would you like an open source tik tok version for fedi? :ablobblewobble:

Do you, or do you know anyone who'd be up to the challenge of making it happen? :ablobcathappypaws:

I have some ideas... :ablobcatbongo:

:sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans: you don't need dyshopria to be trans, you don't need a diagnosis to be trans, you don't need to do anything to be trans but decide you are trans :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans:

oh, shit! There's someone trying to find it in unlisted. Thanks.

I think that the Matrix is a phone call when you go to hell.

a poem about stars 

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