I have a pair but I don't use them for screens because the moments when touch works the screen spazzes out and scrolls

they worked for one day and that's it. but they keep my hands warm so it's not a total loss

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anyone got touchscreen glove recommendations or are they still trash

road has a half inch thick sheet of solid ice and ...

still, people are driving 45+ mph (not exaggeration, limit is 30, minus ice) around here

good ol boys

@thegibson after five (six?) years it is white outside

it's all ice sheets, not snow, but I'll take it. I miss normal weather

being one of those pesky terms of service readers at the moment

hey gang i booted into linux and paired my bluetooth headset right away and it sounded good and after i fainted from shock and got back up it was still working

"to add a new PayPal Payment Option, access your account using Chrome or Internet Explore or Microsoft Edge"

another gem of a page found buried in HN comments

almost never fails to surprise me

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kinda want a lobsters account

but I never post anywhere else anyway so I mean

holds address bar, taps copy address, button flashes to indicate it was copied.

pastes to someone, address never copied.

i love democracy dot jpg

β€œ... This means that the unnamed phone’s screen not only has deep 88-degree β€œwaterfall” curves on the left and right sides, but on the top and bottom as well, leaving no room for ports or buttons. [...] and enable β€œa true, port-free unibody design.”

that's a Fuck Noβ„’ from me

Looking for recommendations on tracking-free, FOSS web browsers for Android

Fennec doesn't cut it apparently

something, anything: Ocaml

me: Oh, Camel! [fainting-couch_camel.jpg]

@socketwench 3D printed cap maybe?

is there a custom etching keycap service out there somewhere

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