apparently it's possible to send email to users

and by "apparently" I mean my mother got a piece of spam from a gmail address in her app.

can anyone comment on what I saw? is this a new thing or a [potentially malicious] bug?

@electricsand Could this be related to the fact Signal is adding the ability to register without a phone number? Perhaps it wasn't from an email account and was instead from an account registered with a Gmail address?

Or if she's using SMS via Signal, it could be related to that. It's becoming more common (at least in the US, unsure about other places) for spammers to abuse the SMS/Email bridges that telecoms provide to send phishing links and other assorted garbage.

@electricsand @polarisfm if it came through sms then it's not a signal issue. Anyone can email a phone number and it shows as a text. 12345 @ for example

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL @polarisfm ahh ok. I'm not surprised, but it is the first time I've seen it in action. caught me off guard for sure

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