This whole thing though feels like "old man yells at cloud" but literally

Although I wonder now how nextcloud does its thing. I couldn't move the file back to the folder from the backup location (on disk). It was making shadow/backup copies and gave a warning about there being two versions. I don't know what other bits of information it's storing?? They are identical.

Doing some nextcloud testing. The desktop client is not freaking out like it did earlier, so it's likely I'm misremembering--or worse, there are gremlins.

I dug around the files to find that runfcgi was for Django.

Turns out that was removed a long time ago in v1.7(?). The current way is uWSGI

ain't workin. I mean I can load pages but I'm getting unknown command for 'runfcgi' when trying to start it with FastCGI.

idk that I want to run it anyway since it's all Python2.x

Tomorrow, brain weather permitting, I will attempt .

I may just end up letting nextcloud devour my soul in either case since it's already working and I don't want to break anything else for now...

Ftr, I would welcome correction advice and shown how to fix this*. It is an open issue in GitHub (client; server, unsure), but I would prefer not to go through the process of setting everything up again after all I've done thus far.

*I am far from any sort of "good".

I figured downloading beforehand and using the mobile client would be the workaround. I was wrong x.x

Update: I am going to start looking for less destructive solutions over the next few days. Maybe ? I made the mistake of renaming a folder... Which means I just wasted ~6GB of my data.

I want to succeed. But I can't be downloading gigs and gigs every time I capitalize a letter somewhere.

kinda wanna try ETE Sync [again], but then again, I don't know whether that'd be worth the extra effort

I mean it's working now, and I can add/delete and it's like nothing bad ever happened

but why did that happen at all is my question

Y'all ever feel like there are literal gremlins messing around inside your computer chips when stuff doesn't work then suddenly works

re: More CardDAV stuff (fixed, i hope) 

More CardDAV stuff 

There is no blockage as far as http error codes goes.

It just doesn't want to work, apparently.

Well, I give up on CardDAV. DAVx5 is convenient "in theory", but it's much faster to export from the contacts app and then upload via Nextcloud app instead of spending 1.5hrs (as I just did) tailing access.log and repeatedly trying to make sync work x.X

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