this here is ur 5am reminder that i am a tiny music person with an interest in field recording and y'all should listen (and I encourage y'all to purchase) my jammin things

“EICAR would like to inspire information exchange on a global basis as well as synergy building to enhance computer-, network- and telecommunication-security. The members are all key players in the focused topic. The goal is to develop best practice scenarios and guidelines with the efforts of a bundled Know-how-pool.”

is... i-is this a shitpost

Huzzah! The Disco Dingo jigsaw puzzle prototype arrived. ❤️ Let's puzzle! #art #illustration #mastoart



Are you talking about the Mythical Kaiju: SwagZilla?!


the fediverse is filmed before a live studio audience

what would be the security of RNG if you could use weather data for randomization

the only thing I can think of is it was on a delivery van, and after the deliveries were made, it got sent over to the other place since that'd be their logistic way to handle it instead of using a truck or something to drive 20 minutes

but since it's Big Money FedEx my ass would wager they are lying about the time bet that's just me

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was it sitting on a delivery van the whole time

why was it on a van and not in a trailer

probably artificially inflate the time

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wrote zip folders, space cadet pinball, and task manager

i guess that means you could write your own check back then jesus christ

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