nyaa.si, a popular anime-focused torrent tracker, has had its source code removed from GitHub after the MPA filed a DMCA takedown request.

Read their lunacy here if you'd like: github.com/github/dmca/blob/ma

France is starting to mark consumer electronics with repairability index.

A wise and responsible move! It should bring benefits both for environment and local (tech) economy.

As I understand, EU legislation is ready and other countries are expected to (voluntarily?) follow suite.



Thanks @3rik for bringing this up.


hot farts today

not going well for the senses

forum data breach, emails/accounts bleepingcomputer.com/news/secu

> โ€œThe intruder used the account of an OpenWRT administrator. Although the account had "a good password," additional security provided by two-factor authentication (2FA) was not active.โ€


โ€œAll things said, Signal is the shiniest turd we haveโ€

this sums it up right here

real question:

do you, or know anyone who uses a magnifying glass for their computer, phone, or tablet, screen?

:/ minivector development has stopped because Element has changed too much to keep up

that's unfortunate. it made it lighter

is back, but don't let that stop u from going to hashtag or hashtag

There are three hard problems in computer science: standardizing on a single chat application with your friends and off by one errors

@electricsand they need time to put in that backdoor before all the users move, lol ^_^

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