@egret Oooh, may I enquire as to where you procured that?

@gedvondur it's an MX ergo. The keyboard is from taobao, ve.a clone. Had it for a couple years but I'm moving away from it this January I think.

@egret @gedvondur

I covet your keyboard, because everybody knows the shift key belongs under the thumb, and researched taobao.

Now I'm intrigued and depressed.

I'm gonna blame 2020, because why not.

@mwlucas @gedvondur You could get an MD770 from Mistel and reprogram the right or left spacebar to act as shift (easy to do). More expensive than this was, although barely, and it has better build quality. My wife uses one, and I'm planning to get one for myself when it's in stock. Runs around 180 euros in the Lowlands. Keycaps are nice too, SA profile doubleshot iirc, so that makes it a pretty good deal. There is an RGB variant if that is to your liking.

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