I hate it when companies list the salary on offer as "Competitive" rather than an actual value.

Thats fine for confident dudes who walk into the interview, ask for £80k and work down from there.

But for the rest of us, particularly women and minorities ( who are less confident in their worth ), get screwed over by asking for much less than a company is willing to pay. Its just unequal pay all over again.

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@s start asking for more. Confidence is a skill. You practice it every day, every interview, every interaction.


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@s I knew a PM who was interviewing every couple months regardless whether he wanted to change jobs or not. He said that it kept his interview skills sharp, and made him really relaxed in interviews since got used to them. He was a father of 3, so it was important for him to sustain his job security.

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@egret I'm already asking for £10k more than my current salary,. and I have no idea if thats reasonable or not and is an uncomfortably high amount.

The confidence it takes to ask for that much is quite a lot, more feels just crazy, honestly.

But then maybe it isnt! I have no idea what this company thinks is okay because they wont say.

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@egret Regularly applying for jobs is great if you've got the time and energy to do it.

I do not. I have other things to do than constantly try to earn more money with job interviews one has no intention of accepting.

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@s I consider it exercise, but you are right, it does take time&effort. It's not about the money, more about staying confident.

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@s I'm with you. IT wages can feel our of this world. Save up, invest, retire early is what I say. Anyway, best of luck with the application.

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