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Can you make friends on the internet?

This is an old question that’s been a long time dying. In 1984, a researcher wondered if the internet was “ill-suited for such ‘social’ uses of language” as making friends, while in 2008, another mused that perhaps the internet was “basically alienating and unfulfilling. To type is not to be human, to be in cyberspace is not to be real.


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Rather all is pretense and alienation, a poor substitute for the real thing. Ipso facto, cyberspace cannot be a source of meaningful friendships.”

And yet, as the discussion raged on, we've ended up conducting a sizeable portion of our social lives online. Close friends send funny links back and forth, grandparents and grandchildren videochat, partners text constantly about day-to-day activities,...

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... family members and old friends post photos that we like or comment on, and people join internet communities around a particular interest and end up becoming invested in each other's lives as well.

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@Jo I only make deadly enemies on the internet

@egret Das heißt jetzt ganz genau in Deutsch bitte. Da mein English nicht gerade das beste ist. Da mich English auch nie interesse war.

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