I need someone to take some kombucha cultures off me hand, please, callout in Zuid-Holland.

Boost this, jesus, it's growing larger day by day.


Would keeping that jar cold (refrigerated storage) slow it from growing as fast?

@banjofox Not good, it stresses the SCOBY unnecessarily. Once the fermentation is at a stage I want it to be I bottle what I can and refrigerate it. Some I just let go straight into vinegar and bottle up that way. Use for cleaning, cooking, whatever you use vinegar for.


Oh neat!
I am used to yeast fermentations. In fact I JUST (like this week) added sugar and water to a bottle of commercial kombucha just to see what happened.

Spoiler, it started growing and now I don't know what to do with it.

@emsenn @egret whoa that is a monster scoby!! I’ve never tried making kombucha with a tea blend like that- do you find that it works fine or do you need to tweak your recipe?

@cb I go with simple stuff. Earl Gray, green, jasmin, mint. That sort of stuff.

@egret Someday the kombucha will take over the whole world!  ; - )
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