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Animal welfarism discourse 

Who wants a Mount&Blade 2 Bannerlord closed beta key for Steam?

Shroom culture gone green. The nation is in turmoil.

At least the chilli peppers are growing well.

So the Dutch Coffeeshops (weed sellers) are reopening because people are buying from black market dealers and it's worse exposure-wise than if the shops were open.

@thegibson asked for pictures and he shall receive.

Normally I'm working from the small room in the back, but since the wife is home now, I gave her my monitor (she is a technical writer, working with software documentation projects), and moved my ass over to the dining table. Not the comfiest but at least I have a good view. Also I'm running the tea shop now.

Shout-out to @RadicalEdward because I got the best lock screen of y'all.

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I have worked 3 straight years from home. AMA

A good, 20 minute read on what you can expect in the coming months with COVID-19, how to behave to minimize impact and what kind of a difference social distancing does to mortality rates.

Please share.

I picked up a tiny greenhouse for the balcony last week.
This should help with the seedlings.

egret boosted consists solely of Creative Commons licenses works. The obvious is that we can avoid a c&d from the RIAA this way, but the truth is less sinister. These are artists who took the creative risk of the road less traveled, and they are great!

We stan them, And hope you enjoy them too.


I need someone to take some kombucha cultures off me hand, please, callout in Zuid-Holland.

Boost this, jesus, it's growing larger day by day.

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