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We swear, we were trying to do something good. We wanted to drop a nice, light movie review early for Thanksgiving. Instead, you get this: our breakdown of Goku Midnight Eye. Gobble-gobble.Hit us up here:

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If you orbit the flat earth, do you:

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"When you die," the emperor said, "what will people say?"
"They'll say 'Thank Heaven she's fine'," said the cat, "the first eight times."
"But after the last?"
"They'll say 'I'll miss her' and 'She had a good life'."
"Are you content with that?"
"What more can anyone ask for?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I can tell its american thanksgiving because everyone is miserable

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woke up to two mutuals being snippy at each other and was like "ah, yes, turkey trouble"

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> Not content with being the deadliest substance on earth, it is likely that the pure crystalline form of Botulinum toxin is now also the most valuable, with an estimated street value of $100 trillion per kilogram. The entire global face paralysing industry is supported by an annual production of just a few milligrams.

shit how do I go long on Botulinum ??????
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Brain breaker of the day at #dayjob:

A domain kept being redirected from http:// to https:// while the server wasn't set-up for TLS.

So I:
- cleared all caches
- tried in a different browser (chromium didn't redirect but Firefox did)
- wget worked like expected
- spent 30 mins searching for obscure firefox settings

Turns out some TLD's like .dev and .app have set HSTS at the TLD level. Firefox respects this and always redirects those domains to https://

Pretty nice, if you know about it 😅

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Would you rather...

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gambling issues, request 

Are there any resources for problems with gambling or even just impulsive risk taking that ARE NOT twelve step nightmare cults?

I am not asking for a friend I am asking for a me, and while I can do a lot of self-CBT type stuff to figure out what my thought processes are and where I'm letting them run unsupervised, if there are some kind of like... habits I can build or something, it might be nice to be able to benefit from other people's experiences?

boosts ok

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My dad is not a "computer person". He is an arts professor in his 60s, and still gets double-click and single-click wrong all the time.

But he is surprisingly good with computers, because his approach to broken things is to poke it a bit, pry it open, try a bunch of things until it is more or less working.

That is a great workflow for working with software, but absolutely terrifying when he does it to the house's wiring.

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"Just a bit of sport", I say, using a small funnel to fill the squirt gun with gravy.
"I'll be outside with the dogs!"

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The essence of what is called "professionalism" is actually better called respect. Respect in the worker's knowledge and experience, respect for their needs in being supported for their work, respect for their limits and boundaries, for their time, consent, stability, and health. The anger and humiliation felt from work stem from being disrespected as a person in fundamental ways.

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In 2000, 103-year-old Hal Haig Prieste returned an official Olympic flag he stole in a dare after finishing third in diving at the 1920 Olympics; for 77 years, the flag was kept in the bottom of his suitcase

Original tweet :

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seeking employment in tech, breaking the facade of everything being fine 

.? Hi fedi!

So…this is very not working, so it's (past) time to try asking yall.

We have a low-level security certification (so we figured for months that's where we were headed), but we're beyond being particularly picky. We can code, or do helpdesk, or whatever really. We know things and we learn quickly.

Would you, or do you know anycreature who would, be willing to talk with us and maybe give us a chance, instead of summarily rejecting us because we don't have all the pretty pieces of paper? I really think that's all we need: a real chance to prove ourself.

We'd give more information upfront, but we're already /very/ uncomfortable with this post, so we're gonna leave it there. Sorry for the vagueness.


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