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I'm looking for psychological research on like trans, genderqueer, non-binary etc. people (anything to do with queer gender identities) and memory. It's very broad.
We want to add this to a broader, course on psychology with a particular focus on identity, meaning making, narratives about self, and personality.
We're going trough all the scientific search engines ourselves, but if you have something in mind we'd greatly appreciate it.

Much love!

There's nothing wrong with doing something the right way.

Until there is.

Everybody gangsta until the first outage.

Still low-key disappointed that Tanuki Mario never drummed on his scrotum in the game.

CApol candidates 

In the words of my ancestors, I don't trust none'a y'all motherfuckers.

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You're in a data centre in Accounting Fort.
The room's decor has an immaculate, baroque style and folk music echoes from nearby.

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Cool feature of the Oracle Cloud always-free tier. Once your 30 day free trial is over, they will ONLY let you use the resources in the "Always Free" tier. So you don't have to sweat about maybe using resources that might cost money.

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In other news, it feels like it should be raining tonight.

And some of my neighbors already have Christmas lights up.

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Do you want to do #inktober, but have no energy or motivation... or don't work with ink... or make art... or are just in a bad mood and don't want to get back on that train but if something perverse enough came along you'd probably create a sketch/photo/poem/recipe or two?

Well, give a thought to #botober instead, using horrible prompts generated by neural networks! I can't wait to see "loud frilly cows" and "needles of obsidian and frozen squalls!" Good luck!

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It kinda irritates the shit out of me that the reason I never finished Dragon Warrior is probably because my name isn't one of the ones that gives your character good stats.

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Hey, so my mom's writing a superhero urban fantasy series, and it's amazing. She's working on books #4 and #5, and the first book in the series is free for Kindle and like two bucks on every other digital bookstore.

There's a lot of great worldbuilding throughout the series, and the character development is absolutely great.

The bathroom is now clean. Waiting for the floor to dry and the ammonia fumes to be sucked outside by the fan.

r/psychotronic exists.

My people. All those weird movies I used to watch at 0300 in high school.

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Holy s$#&. Epik (host of many a white nationalist/facist/disinfo sites) just got 10 year data dumped by hacker activists. Looking forward to seeing the aftermath of neo-nazis sentenced.

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