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This is one RNG that I can get behind! I'm going to order mine first, then read up on it ...

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tech TIL cli 

Today I learned, you can control the brightness of an external monitor with:

xrandr --output HDMI1 --brightness 0.5

where you change HDMI1 to whatever output you are using, like DP-2

#til #linux #cli


To the VoIP spammer who thought it would be a good idea to spoof Pagerduty's number of origin:

I will find you. And I will remove your testicles through your eyesockets.

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Thinking really hard about how cool it would be to have an easy to set up service that runs on a and hosts a single user instance, email, RSS reader, file share, etc.

Like, point a DDNS at it and it does automatic security updates and stuff. Needs to be simple to setup and ready to roll after a few minutes of guided walkthrough 🤔

The r00tf0lds Folding@home team ( is ranked 51 out of 254859 teams as of 2020-09-15 15:53:15. They have processed 534688 work units across 900 cores. The team's overall score is 18937309530 credits, a change of 160672435.0.

The Rosetta@home team ( has an overall score of 8671869.04 credits as of the morning of 15 September 2020. This is a change of 17183.87.

The Folding@home team ( is ranked 1104 out of 254859 teams as of 2020-09-15 15:23:14. They have processed 34967 work units across 31 cores. The team's overall score is 378108504 credits, a change of 348079.0 points since yesterday.

It weirds me out that the rave music I listened to in high school is showing up in commercials.

Hey, folks... this is a link to a document containing the lowest funded GoFundMe requests from Southern Oregon fire victims who’ve lost everything.

Welp. I never thought I'd see a crossdressing ballerina in corpsepaint on the Food Network.


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Just got an SQLi attempt that contained:

xp_cmdshell('cat /etc/passwd')

It wound be weird if these stickers started showing up again.

US, horror, mh-------- 

I'm going to go quietly have a nervous breakdown, now.

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#BOFH excuse #403:

Sysadmin didn't hear pager go off due to loud music from bar-room speakers.

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If you hand off a bunch of USB drives to a coworker in borosilicate glass because it's faster than transferring files over your building's LAN or wifi

You have just made use of beakernet

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amusing myself 

The wheels on the truck go clang clang clang
bang bang bang
transform noise
The wheels on the truck say "autobots roll out"
The truck is Optimus Prime

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