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So, that was Evolver and that was . Maybe next I *will* pull out a certified corker...What was Evolver often sold with again...


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@epoch I've had Leandra running Jack the Ripper on it. I got a single hit but never managed to get the file to decompress.


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bunny ec i guess? 

@banjofox Yup. It's almost always compiled into PHP by default.

The r00tf0lds Folding@home team ( is ranked 68 out of 254529 teams as of 2020-08-08 15:47:59. They have processed 425967 work units across 988 cores. The team's overall score is 13193414832 credits, a change of 156034094.0.

The Rosetta@home team ( has an overall score of 8194216.07 credits as of the morning of 8 August 2020. This is a change of 13758.03.

The Folding@home team ( is ranked 1051 out of 254529 teams as of 2020-08-08 15:47:55. They have processed 31974 work units across 46 cores. The team's overall score is 351905749 credits, a change of 984972.0 points since yesterday.

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it's caturday and also international cat day!!! it is like caturday but even more special!! pls celebrate all your kitty frens today and give them lots of pats and treats 🎉 🎁 :blobcat:

My stomach did not like something last night.

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"Master Control Program's been snapping up all us programs who believe. If he thinks you're useful, he takes over all your functions so he gets bigger. And if he can't use you, he sends you down here to the game grid to get the bits blasted out of you."

So, basically, systemd.

@carbontwelve I try to write the readme at the same time as every API rail. I also try to keep each rail as simple as I can.

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