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Should I get a new duster ( or a new leather jacket?


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For the community in the Fediverse:

Is it plausible for someone to need a special kind of flux for a high voltage or high RF energy construction job? Specifically, is it plausible that someone could get a can of drain cleaner, throw it into some water, and use that as flux?

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is a ridiculously photogenic giant furry

an image macro

@sys64738 Yeah. Thinking about it, all three drives had busted ST chips. I think somebody did it to decomission them before dumping them (though why they dumped them on the side of the road instead of in the trash or at the e-waste recycling company (where you get to watch your drives going into the shredder)) I don't know.

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drugs PSA 

(this is USA-specific advice)

if you are in a high-risk area for fentanyl (or other opioid) OD, consider seeing if you can get narcan from a drugstore or a harm reduction clinic (needle exchanges, etc); many places provide them for free with no prescription needed, sometimes you have to use your health insurance to get it, but having some around could literally save a life

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I am now accepting applications for pro bono work. If you are a person or organisation (registered or not) that is or works with/for marginalised identities, especially LGBTQ+, or black/anti-racist activism please get in contact with me. I cannot guarantee I have the expertise or time to help you, but you're always welcome to reach out so we can work something out together, even if you're not sure. See rest of the thread for things I might be able to help with: #probono #charity #software

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gripe :blobcatgooglytrash:​ rant about something 

Twitter threads!
Sure I got nitter, but like, GET A BLOG!
There are free options, but if you got a little money, like many who make twitter threads about stuff they analyze... 7,50 euro! you got a blog, 10Gig storage (for your blog, so like unlimited! ) and a trustworthy host....
Put in this:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

BAM it's phone viewable!


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@feonixrift A couple of months ago I found a couple of hard drives on the side of the road. I finally got around to trying to hook them up today. Only, when taking the sleds off I discovered that the chipsets had shattered.

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New fundraiser about to drop... a "From many, One" theme. New Cyberia has risen from the void overs the past 5 yrs. It's not gonna stop now.


and I cannot stress this next part enough...


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