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Now, If someone can get a major political figure to pose in front of the baby gates and say "Mr. Trump, Tear down this wall!" maximum memefication will have been achieved.

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@thegibson @feld The whole thing's been bullshit. All the way down to asking interns for possible scenarios that were announced as incoming threats the next week.

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@drwho @feld

If there is one thing proven by this last week... it's that all of this for the past 20 years has been bullshit to spy on us.

This is no change, just a leak to make us feel socially chilled... these numbers are anemic.

@feld If they ever were. I don't trust them to do their jobs if it doesn't involve hurting people.

re: USpol, protests 

@tek Ah - that makes sense. I was wondering if there was yet another arcane evocation of rake.

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If it is for the public good, Don't wait for permission.

-Bruce Schneier

@tek Is this documented anywhere? I'd like to see how this is done on the back-end.

USpol, protests 

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You can now download the MetaMaus DVD, a multimedia version of Art Spiegelman's MAUS that features the complete comic plus *tons* of additional material here:
(WinXP/MacOS 10.4+, Requires QuickTime)

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In Atlanta, armed Black Panthers showed up and formed a line to lead and protect the Black Lives Matter protests.⁠

USpol, not-USian newspaper talks about protests the same way USian media talks about protests in other countries 

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