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Just watched 24/7.

Folks, if you have a thing about people hurting themselves, relationships, mind control... You're going to want to skip this episode.

There is also about five minutes of violence, which you might want to skip. My partner previewed this episode for me and told me when to GTFO. That's the really hard part, or it is for me, anyway.

@thegibson @Jetengineweasel @autumnal @feonixrift Just did some looking around.

That kid's going to wish those were feds.

Null 2 game console status: Power switch is broken. The little plastic bit that your finger touches so you can slide it just.. popped out of the switch.

This is not the first time it's happened, incidentally. The one that just broke is the spare that came with the kit. The first one broke about three weeks ago.

Also, the Null 2 build of Raspbian is slow. Too slow to use. When trying to configure the buttons last night it took anywhere from thirty seconds of tapping a button to holding it down to get it to register. This always meant that a few of the buttons wouldn't get configured because they'd be treated as skipped. The unofficial respin by happyearmuffs, though? Fast as spinning out of control on frozen snot.

In other news, I finally had a chance to sit down with the ATtiny85's that came in. Flashing the firmware for that variant of a bluebox was remarkably easy to do. So was setting the fuses (there are only three of them and they're surprisingly well documented). A little hackery with some alligator clips, and..

Holy shit, it works.

Now I can install a power switch and a speaker. And maybe a switched audio jack for an external speaker. And later, maybe a little amplifier to get some power out of it.

What I really need to do is sit down and listen to the bluebox, to determine just how accurately it generates tones. At first scratch with some patched on headphones 2600, kp, st, 1, and 2 look and sound about right. The others? That's waht I need to figure out.

Anyway, at least I got somewhere with at least one project in the last few weeks.

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Vendor: "Please have your DNS provider contact us."
Me: "I'm my DNS provider."
V: "No, the people who run the nameservers."
Me: "I run my nameserver."
V: "No not the data entry part, the people who actually provide the DNS service."
Me: "I do it. On a server."
V: "No, ...."

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@dasyatidprime I haven't yet, I'm still trying to get it set up.

For starters I'm using the third-party 4.1 Raspbian image, because the Null 0 one is incredibly slow. Like, can't even get the buttons configured right.

I think I'll have to open it up again and reflow a couple of solder joints, too.

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Let's guess what that system is!

<< In his book on the Trump presidency, Rage, Bob Woodward quoted the former president as telling him: “We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There’s nobody – what we have is incredible.”

Woodward said he was later told the US did indeed have an unspecified new weapons system, and officials were “surprised” that Trump had disclosed the fact. >>

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Let's skip the random, meaningless murder for a sweeter sorrow, and the act becomes... hollow.

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@thegibson Heh heh heh heh..

@dasyatidprime Yeah. Just finished building the hardware and now trying to get the software right.

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@smallsees Those are now safe and sound.

We didn't have to mess with his mind or anything, he doesn't remember it anyway.

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