I seem to have been breeding VIC-20's.

One everything is settled, would anything be interested in buying one?

Has anyone ever 3d printed a replacement case for a Commodore 1670 modem?

Random question:

Does anyone know where I could buy a shell for an 5200 ? Alternatively, does anyone know where I could source greyprints to one?

I love yinz... thanks for all your help...

Unfortunately, the problem is that my acoustic coupler doesn't work. I finally ran the dumbass test and tried to dial 1-800-555-1212 manually with my ear to both of the cups one after the other... no sound coming out of the output, making noises into the input cup results in no line noise.

I feel like I've lost an old friend.

Now let's try this c64 wifi thingie...

The world's first completely new Commodore 64. Not a single part ever touched CBM factory.


This is kind of nuts. I know I've cut some corners on stuff in the past, but this is ridiculous.



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