has silently changed API authentication from HTTP Plain to HTTP Digest.

It seems to work now, but shelling out to use cURL to submit URLs is kind of annoying.

I got working with ! \o/


- name : Fess
engine : json_engine
paging : True
shortcut : fess
search_url : http://leandra:8080/json?q={query}&start={pageno}&num=20&sort
results_query : result
url_query : url_link
title_query : title
content_query : digest
page_size : 20
categories : files
shortcut : fess
timeout : 60
disabled : False

Writeup to come!

Leandra's upgrade is ordered.

I ALMOST had a bill of $1337us!

I really should write up what I've been doing with environment monitoring.

I've re-implemented Web Search Bot with . It's not as fast as I'd like due to its queuing model, had I had to use jq, but it works.

Playing with re-implementing my Paywall Breaker bot in .

Made it as far as the part, and that's because, for some weird-ass reason Wallabag doesn't do long-lived bearer tokens, you have to apply for a new one every hour (nonconfigurable) (though you can request a new one with every connection and it doesn't seem to care).

I might give up on the Post Agent/Website Agent in parse-incoming-event mode/Post Agent combo in favor of a Shell Agent running /usr/bin/curl to request the bearer token and pass the output thereof to.. something. Maybe a JSON Agent. I don't know, I'm going to bed.

The Wallabag part is disabled for now. The rest seems to work pretty well.

Going to sleep on adding category search to Web Search Bot. Literally sleep on it, because it's going to require some hefty parser modifications.

Maybe it's time to do that refactoring run I've been telling myselves I'll do.

In reworking some of my bots to use instead of , I'm looking at using a single unlisted room instead of chats to individual accounts (1:1 chat, not MUC).

This changes the command parser substantially. Probably more than I think.

What I'm considering is whether to keep the commands looking like "Bot, do this thing..." or switching to "Do this thing..." and the bots present look at the message, see if it's from their owner (me, in this case), and if so proceed to parse the command. The latter means that failed parses would fall into the same case as mis-parses, and result in a storm of error responses from every bot that doesn't have commands like that.

Of course, bots could easily just not send error responses, but that messes up the "there really is an error" handling case.

I'm also toying with the idea of having both use cases implemented for usability's sake (plus, it adds the "send commands directly to the bot" case).

What do you think, ?

Made memory utilization messages in Systembot make more sense last night.

I make stuff that crunches numbers. Got tired of red team, now sysadmin/defense.

My imaginary friends are better conversationalists than I am, and are written in and .

Lots of augmentations of the hardware and software kind. Chances are you might have a conversation with one of them and not realize it. About a third of me is prosthetic these days.

I suck as an electrical engineer but sometimes I can patch stuff together.

I like picking locks. Still trying to get good with padlocks.

I assume you've been told about Homestuck.

I like to be well informed. The downside of this is that I don't sleep well anymore.

I love music.

Yes, I use Arch. I don't care what you use as long as it does what you need.

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