Open question, folks:

Digital Ocean is getting too expensive to host my servers there. I'm pricing out options for providers to move my stuff to.

I'm considering moving everything to OVH, after speccing out servers and computing monthly prices. However, before I start planning out the migration I wanted to ask if anybody out there used their services. What do you think of them? Do they suck? If so, how much?

If you use their hosted database service, is it a hosted database server (where you can stand up however many databases (groups of tables) you want, and how many users thereof) or is a hosted /database/ (i.e., a group of tables) only?


@drwho OVH is an OpenStack cloud, and OpenStack can be ... painful.

But I haven't used OVH directly so I can't really tell you much about them there.

@aurynn I.. really don't like Openstack. But, if they have a control panel that works like any other VPS provider's, I don't much care.

@drwho I use DreamHost which is also OpenStack and I found it really easy to spin up and take down instances through their dashboard. As long as you don't do anything fancy with vnets, it's workable @aurynn

@dmoonfire @aurynn I use DH for web hosting and they're okay. Things are running way more slowly than I like these days there. Need to get my burn rate under control before I can look into migrating my website.

@drwho As I move away from their shared services into more instances, I kind of feel the same. I've been with them for a long time (2004?) and I have a loyalty (mostly because they fought gag warrants on behalf of their customers).

That is one reason I was messing with DO. But I'm sure DO would bankrupt me if I go too far with it. :D


@drwho I also like OpenStack so far, but their DreamCompute feels like it has been stagnating a bit.

Just hard/overwhelming to find a new home, or is DH good enough for my needs now? No idea.


@dmoonfire @aurynn Yeah. Same.

I've been considering if they could move my databases to a different server but they may not be able to do that.

@drwho @aurynn I had to move a forum from shared MySQL to DH's VPS MySQL database and it is really easy because you get a dial to control how much memory it has (and CPU comes with that) so we could scale it appropriately and keep up with the load.

If I recall, it's just "thank you for your money, we'll move it for you" type of thing, but it's been many years since I did the migration.

@dmoonfire @aurynn Hmm. Can you back out of it if it doesn't help? It'd suck if I moved my DB-backed stuff to a database VPS but it didn't help.

@drwho @aurynn No, once you go down that path, forever will it dominate your future.

@dmoonfire @aurynn They went to bat for me, too, and mitigated slashdotting before I even realized it happened. Their "don't be a dick with our storage" policy is also really nice (especially for my site).

Also, their service's responsiveness... it's bad. One of the reasons I migrated to a static site generator is to mitigate the speed problem. My parts inventory? Ye gods, it's bad.

@drwho I use their VPS service for my instance, and aside from the Strasbourg fire (I was EXTREMELY lucky there) and the Dashboard being naff, I've no real complaints.

@Jo Could you explain a bit more about their dashboard?

@drwho I just find it a bit difficult to navigate, mainly. That might be because I don't use it very often, though.

@Jo That makes sense. I'm not much of a control panel user, either..

@drwho their prices went up? that’s news to me. they do hide their cheaper options but they’re still there.

@JoYo My bill went up $75us in a single month for no appreciable change.

@drwho holy shit, pull the breaks on that. i have a bunch of the lowest tier droplets so I usually have the option to turn some off if I’m feeling slim in the wallet.

@JoYo I only have three droplets and a hosted database. Cost bounced in August and I need to jump ship.

@drwho OVH's management panel is hot garbage. Hard to navigate, slow, misleading. It's the reason why I moved everything to Hetzner

@drwho #OVH is good especially if you don't want to be subject to the Cloud Act.

I use OVH in some projects with others because, at least for the "public cloud" vps offering, performance and costs are predictable, the control panel etc. are easy to use and debug (the underlying API is open!), support always answers in timely and useful fashion. So it's easier to ask people to collaborate.

For my Mastodon instance I use #Scaleway, see example costs:

@nemobis I just want to not overrun my exocortex budget again.

I'll check out Scaleway, too. Thank you.

@drwho I recommend you Hetzner, they have low prices and outstanding admin panel, top notch! Their support is eager to help and I have never been disappointed. I moved here from OVHCloud.

@drwho I migrated my stuff to Hetzner from DO and never looked back, very good service and low price for VMs on modern, fast machines.

@drwho I run on Hetzner also, they have a hardware auction thing where you can lock in some really good prices for used/refurb machines too (so you could deploy containers to metal).

@drwho I've been using contabo for nearly a decade. I have a couple of vps.
I tried DO, but found it too expensive. ditto for hetzner.
I know nothing about OVH. Just checking on their canada page, I find nothing enticing

@drwho I've been using OVH for about 5 years now and I have a number of VPSs with them. the service is good and reliable, even when one of their datacentres burned down they were pretty transparent in communications, "your VPS was in one of the total loss zones", so we'll credit you so you can set up a new one.

never had an issue with support, or the service

@paul Good to know.

Do you know if it's possible to use their public cloud hosted database service with a couple of VPSes? How limited are they?

@drwho I've not used the database services I'm afraid, I just run pretty minimal and lean VPSs and put a database on those if I need one. sorry! I'd say check out linode (various tech youtubes have affiliate codes for a free $100 credit). Or maybe check out oracle's cloud hosting. They have pretty cheap servers, iirc.

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