"Some people seem to be unable to rationally consider the possibility that NSA is sabotaging post-quantum cryptography. I've heard people saying, for example, that submissions to the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Project (NISTPQC) were publicly designed and evaluated by top experts, and that NSA can't have bribed the submission teams."

Rationally consider? I have money on it.

@drwho Ha ha, so djb is basically complaining that the NIST is working on standardizing the DES equivelant of Post-Quantum Cryptography... :blobcatgiggle:

@niconiconi Wait, people actually care what djb has to say about anything? @drwho

@nomad @niconiconi @drwho unfortunately, yes

a lot of people still use his long unmaintained mail and dns software, for reasons incomprehensible to me.

@meena @nomad @niconiconi They work like bang? Qmail and maraDNS are rock solid, fast, and suck less than, say, Sendmail and ISC BIND.

@drwho I have very strong opinions that disagree vehemently with his very strong opinions on how to run a Unix host. In order to maintain civility and (I hope) mutual respect I'm going to drop this before it becomes A Thread. @meena @niconiconi

@nomad @drwho @meena I think one doesn't have to (or some people may even argue "should not") accept most of his opinions just to read his comments on, say, verifying finite-field arithmetic, the problem of invalid curve attacks in elliptic curve, or the relevant security merits of NTRU and McEliece for post-quantum crypto. These are topics that he certainly know what he's talking about and many can learn something new from the writings (his PQC books for a long time, were one of the few definite reference works in applied crypto). In a similar vein, it's not unreasonable to ignore or reject most of the flames Linus has posted on the LKML, while still finding useful information about the kernel in a few posts.

@niconiconi @nomad @meena People can be assholes and be experts at the same time. They're not exclusive.


as it happens I have a category that's basically "techdudes who aren't wrong"

the tricky bit is teasing out the relative proportion of "doesn't suffer fools gladly but is beset by them as a sort of public intellectual" vs "nah, simply being an asshole here"

@niconiconi @nomad @meena

@nomad @niconiconi I'd say he's one of the top 5 civilian cryptographers out there today. Love him or hate him, he's brilliant as well as practical.

@niconiconi Yeah. He's definitely a crusader for cryptography.

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