@drwho It is also not a philosophy class or a form political organizing and coalition building.

@aeveltstra @drwho That's better suited to a wiki. Videos are not made for ease of navigation. A wiki can use videos, but a channel can't be a wiki.

@aeveltstra @drwho But a wiki will work even with low quality or intermittent connectivity, while most people wouldn't know how to archive a full youtube channel.
(at least two dev wikis I used to frequent provide offline downloads: love2d and MTA:SA)

@aeveltstra @drwho A television channel is also not a knowledgebase, which is what the OP was concerned with.

But also "channel's audience" is not the same metric as "people". You said "more people".

I doubt there are more smart TV users who can't use a wiki than there are people in developing areas (or just in plain old poverty) who can still access a computer from time to time.

@aeveltstra @drwho In other words, if you target video, your content won't degrade gracefully. For example, when it comes to repair guides, the people who need graceful degradation / progressive enhancement the most are the people who need free repair guides the most.

@aeveltstra @csepp If a video is a better reference for hand-written Webassembly than a wiki page, we are indeed in dire straits.

@drwho @csepp @vortex_egg

I think there are use cases for "audio format blog posts" like some longer youtube videos - although I do think they should be usable as pure audio with minimal information lost to the video

I listen to channels like Socialism For All and Zero Books and on either there are some high quality audiobooks & talk shows respectively - which are very convenient when I don't have time to "read" as much as listen to something while programming/drawing/etc


@drwho @csepp @vortex_egg

> there are use cases for "audio blog posts"

but I think those use cases can only be fully realised when we detach "video channels" into their own websites with transcripts & the ability to easily click up all citations (which a lot of people just don't do on youtube)

my hope with my own hypothetical 'video channel' is to make each video its own #bopwiki 'blog entry' where the video could be hosted wherever because the blogpost is the canonical link


@drwho @csepp @vortex_egg

> those use cases [... need] transcripts

Related, I get frustrated when a podcast /doesn't/ have a transcript - to me that's the same problem that's been here for even longer.

Sadly one of the coolest things about specifically-youtube is the ability to *automatically* transcribe videos.

I think we could improve the video/audio internet drastically if you could just run a FOSS counterpart of this to generate a first draft of your transcript+citations blog post

@Valenoern @drwho @csepp @vortex_egg We're nearly there already in opensource! PocketSphinx & Kaldi both include GStreamer integration, so all really need is to incorporate this into our UIs!

@Valenoern @drwho @csepp What sets an audiobook or a podcast (or a youtube channel) apart from being a knowledge base? At the bare minimum I imagine it includes indexing, taxonomy, and content search in order to be highly useful. What I can guess is that A/V media is harder to both index and search (not impossible, but hard enough that it is often not done), and a feed-style interface isn’r great for taxonomy without additional affordances.

@csepp @aeveltstra Exactly.

In this case, I was complaining about a particular Javascript/Webassembly hybrid framework.

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