Do you think more global outages will lead to companies rethink their strategies and ultimately to more decentralization again?

I hope, but I doubt it. I believe companies don't really care for outages, as long as someone else is responsible.


@sh No. I don't. Monetarily and strategically, it's way cheaper to pay a single point of failure to implement a critical service on your behalf because it pushes the culpability off of you and onto the provider. Folks really underestimate the value of being able to blame someone else for your problems.

@drwho I know this very well. Companies deal pretty well with outages when they can be the victim and point at someone else. Also SLAs are usually matched, so if a company gets sued for breaking them, they can redirect the losses to the service provider.

This is _very_ powerful. Yet I wonder how companies could be convinced to do more on their own again. Maybe when the big nodes are getting attacked heavily so outages and data breaches are cutting into companies revenue more than the savings?

I know this is wishful thinking. It won't change in my lifetime. The big ones won.

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