Here's how 1-800 numbers work:

You buy one from your telco. The 800 number automatically forwards to one or more not-toll free numbers (rotary hunting) when someone calls them.

Thing about toll-free numbers is, the person who bought the 800 has to pay for each and every call that completes to it.

I got another one of those "you have not contacted us regarding mechanical coverage on your vehicle" snail mail spams today.

The phone number is 1-833-330-5439

It's toll free in the United States.

It would really, really suck if a whole bunch of people called it nine or ten times and hung up on them.

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@gemlog ./annoy, yo. โ˜Ž๏ธโ€‹

There needs to be a blobcat using a phone or a blobcat phreak emojo or something...

@drwho Really? I think there are enough emoji! Too many to go through for me anyhow :-) snail mail spam? i wonder what's behind this whole warranty push thing, anyway. at first i thought it was just another scam but with all this hub-bub regarding Right to Repair and with the EPA sticking their dick in the "off road use only" automotive industry making spare parts impossible to swap between cars, i'm thinking this might be coordinated chaos.


found this

only one complaint! amazing!

@purple I don't know... it could be.

It's not like they make it terribly easy to file complaints.

@drwho Huh, I kept pressing the wrong number to pick a language. I'll have to try again.

@drwho if you're not lucky enough to be in the states, add 2 zeroes before the number :)

@patterfloof @drwho
833 is relatively new toll-free area code and is used mostly by scammers to lure people to call them. So they can collect whatever data they can. In some (hopefully rare) cases if someone calls them from a compromised smartphone I don't even want to imagine consequences.

@cos I definitely heard of scam IT support (also fake Microsoft) being a thing in the US, UK and France at least. @drwho

@sindastra @cos Yeah. I get bored and fuck with them once in a while. Usually with a Big Trouble In Little China or Overwatch soundboard.

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