Why in the world does a dishwasher needs internet anyway?

This isn't the dystopia I signed up for.

@SetecAstronomy @drwho The dishwasher isn't connected to the net as far as im aware. it just uses little cartridges with the soap that count how many washes there are and stop after like 30 or something.

this lets you change the eprom on them so it's full again and you can use bulk detergent in them. it's dumb, but calling it DRM is a stretch imo.

@SetecAstronomy @drwho lol, wait. this thing DOES have wifi because OF COURSE

@drwho @djsundog Looking at those hexdumps, I'm reminded of hacking the binary config format of Epic Pinball when I was a kid so I could have more than the pre-defined number of balls-per-game. Who knew that skill would come in handy in the "real world"?

And here I thought the Keurig coffee DRM was ridiculous.

This is beyond dystopia, this is nuts! :blobcatflip:

@drwho At least it doesn't *require* using those proprietary cartridges to wash. Sure, having EEPROMs in your detergent containers is dubious and probably not for the user's benefit, but I don't know if I'd call it literal DRM as long as it's entirely possible to just use your own detergent without those cartridges (and without modifying the device).

@vurpo Neither would I, but that's what the hacker in question called it.

Thing is, I wish I couldn't see really good use cases for this gadget. Having gone without a dish washer until last February, I kind of wish I'd know about them because I would have gotten one. Or one like it.

@drwho this is DishRightsManagement πŸ™ƒ 😳

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