Could it be that my soldering iron doesn't get hot enough? It's only 25w.

@drwho I've tried using braid on through-hole stuff numerous times, and have never had any success. Soldapullt ought to do the trick, but can leave sweat joints.

25w iron is definitely on the low end of what you want. A pinecil or TS100 should give you plenty of heat, though.

Lead-free solder needs more heat -- is it RoHS?

Using flux?

Are you turning the PCB upright so you're not fighting gravity to get the solder out?

@ieure I think it is RoHS, so it's probably 99% tin solder.

Yes, I'm using flux. The block of flux is... not really helpful, but I do have a flux pen that helps somewhat.

What do you mean by "upright?"

@drwho Perpendicular to your work surface, like this. If it's laying flat, gravity pulls the solder down, when you want to to go up.

@drwho I have a Panavise I got for next to nothing at Radio Shack, which is great for this. But you can also just prop the thing up against something, and it will help.

I have a tube of gel flux with a fine tip applicator which I like a lot. It's easy to apply and stays put on the board.

@ieure I have a bench vise (which helped a bit) and a pair of helping hands (which are a bit naff, to be honest). I've been looking at a Panavise for a while but I have to get my taxes done first.

What brand of gel flux?

@drwho Helping hands suck. I scored the Panavise for $20 on clearance.

I use Caig RSF-R80-8G flux.

@ieure Nice!

I'll go looking for that - thank you.

@drwho Good luck! If you don't mind wrecking the PCB in the process, you can use my friend's approach. He just hits the back of the board with a blowtorch.

@ieure That's a non starter for just trying to remove an extraneous PCB.

@ieure Oh! No, I haven't tried that. I'll give it a try.

@yojimbo @drwho I’ll print and send you a case if you end up buying one.

@yojimbo I do, but I have to wait a week for them to go on sale again.

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