I've decided that one of my LCD displays is sacrificial. I've been trying to desolder the interface board on the back, after watching a bunch of "how to desolder through-hole parts" videos.

There is just too much solder inside the through-holes to get at. Even with my "really nice and expensive" desoldering braid. Soldapult did jack. And my solder bulb? Hah. One of the most useless things I've ever gotten from Radio Shack (I've had it that long).

I don't know. I'm out of ideas.

@banjofox Maybe? I'm considering it. Or a desoldering pistol.



Please lemme know how that works out for you :)

(( other bullshit ))
after writing that, I decided that yeah... I'm just gonna return my Xtronic rework station :(

its super cool, but it ended up not being what I needed, and right now money is money.

re: ⚠️ Bad idea ⚠️ 

@drwho those things are terrible. If you've got a lot of snot to suck, you need the nose frida.

@drwho Did you spread the braid out first? That's how I've had the most luck with it. I've seen people get by without doing that with the flux-filled kind, but mine all came from Radio Shack and never had any flux in it.

Hold it between two fingers, grab a spot a short distance away with tweezers/small needle-nose/etc and push towards your fingers. It'll expand in width as it gets shorter in length, but this will create a bunch of openings between the strands that will make it easier for the solder to wick into.

The other useful trick is that if you're having trouble getting at that last little bit of solder, add a little bit of solder to it. Adding a bit of solder that you can easily reach will help jump-start the process, and once it's all melted and starts wicking up it'll often just keep going and take the rest with it.

Another useful tool is the solder sucker. (see image) If there's enough solder present (there does have to be a fair bit) it will suck all or most of it off when you press the button. Once again, sometimes adding solder will make this work better.

@SetecAstronomy I did. It didn't help much. I had somewhat better success with impaling part of the wick on the pin and heating it with the broadside of the iron's tip.

I also tried the add solder trick. It helped take the top layers off, but it didn't help with the solder inside the through-holes.

I have a soldapult. It didn't help much, mostly because there isn't enough clearance in between the edge of the display and the row of pins and I couldn't get it far enough down.

The displays in question:

@drwho If you're removing the driver board, you could possibly try snipping each of the pins connecting the two boards. Then once the boards are separated, lever the plastic base off and desolder each pin half from each board individually.

You'd have to replace the pins, but they're standard 0.1" headers.

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