uspol, magick, ableist language(?) 

@drwho boosted, unboosted, then boosted again after 'I’m using crazy in the original sense of “full of cracks; unsound.”' eventually got me to let this one pass

re: uspol, magick 

@drwho It’s not a coincidence that Nick Land’s concept of hyperstition was a major philosophical component of the birth of the alt-right. This strange accelerationist-magic approach to collapsing the spectacle of the American meta-narrative is like playing with fire inside your house.

re: uspol, magick 

@vortex_egg Not a coincidence at all. It took us a long time (back home, anyway) to kick the fash out of our community. A few of them learned something and managed to teach others without telling them what it was.

I took a spin around the time vortex the other day. I think we're on the downward side of the curve and we have to act fast. But we're not without help, dubious though it may be.

re: uspol, magick 

@drwho I read an interesting idea that myths are symbols that express correspondences between archetypes in the past and their manifestation in the present; which operate by the method of analogy in its temporal formulation: “that which was is as to that which is now”

The more familiar spatial equivalent of that law is “that which is above is as that which is below,” and it is carried by typographical symbols that express the correspondence of prototypes in higher worlds with their manifestations in the physical world.

If narratological archetypes are collapsing in time, we may need to hoist things up with the appropriate prototypes from what is above. Perhaps that already was always hppening.

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