i wish there was a ceremony to welcome trans guys into guyhood. something rowdy with like hair ruffling and affectionate roughhousing and The Guys chanting your new name or something

@ox I'd love something like that, TBH. My coming out was so small and calm, which was a relief, but I could have done with like confetti or something.

I think guys in general need more positive entries to manhood. But especially trans guys.


@erosdiscordia @ox When one of my partners finished transitioning, I shook his hand, handed him a pair of boxer shorts, and said "You da man."

@drwho @erosdiscordia i feel like i've snuck in through a side door or something, and missed all of boyhood

@ox @drwho That's been a bit hard for me. I feel like I'm having a second shot at boyhood, but unfortunately without the "other boys" part.

Being around grown guys is difficult because 1. Do they even accept that I'm a guy? 2. If they do, are they pitying me instead of seeing an equal? 3. Do they even have the time or personality to have fun, or has life beaten them down?

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