my hosting costs have doubled because i need to run mastodon on its own instance

pleroma can run on a raspberry pi (35 USD) but if you use pleroma large swathes of the fediverse will block you

remember, these people definitely and totally care about ensuring federation can be achieved in an equitable and accessible manner

so long as money isn’t an object and you can afford to spend 10 bucks a month on a VPS to run mastodon

@drwho @clint @warriorstar @kaputse The primary reason I have a single user instance is so the most anyone can do is block me wish has the double duty of saving me the trouble of moderating them from my end.

“If low enough barrier to entry that even Nazis can use it” is disqualifying for software do we need to think about making things more difficult to use?


Does that ("...even Nazis...") not say more about Nazis and how the author views them then the software? Where would you stop then? Not use bikes because they are easy to use? Pants?

@drwho @clint @warriorstar


I try to stay away from slippery slope arguments. Not because they’re incorrect but because there’s usually someone that actually does want to make pants and bikes more difficult to use to prevent Nazis from using them.


Did mastodon end up working better for you? I’m still having issues with hosting media through pleroma. I might need to set up a gopher server or something.



@JoYo @warriorstar @kaputse Slippery slope arguments are also great for setting people up.

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