One and only one reason might be useful:

The microwave, stove, and recording unit might be NTP enabled.

I know, I know..

@socketwench @drwho So the hackers can coordinate taping their favorite shows while they burn down your house.

@drwho the only reason these things should ever call out to the external internet.

@KitRedgrave And possibly the reason why more routers should act as internal NTP servers.

:battery_empty: IoT microwave & stove for voice surveillance integration
:battery_low: IoT microwave & stove for phone apps
:battery_ok: IoT microwave & oven for NTP
:battery_full: microwave & oven you can disable the clock on

@bonzoesc "Can" is fine. I find clocks in the kitchen useful but I get that there are folks who don't.

@drwho not having the microwave think it's --:-- would be exciting...

@drwho I'm actually OK with this as long as all other "stuff" is read-only

@cypnk I was thinking "NTP, and only NTP. Fuck everything else."

@peregrine Which will probably never happen. Because 'murica.

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