Out of curiosity - Why xmmp and not mqtt or something built for sensor communication?

@guysoft A couple of reasons: IM clients are easier to find on more platforms than MQTT clients. MQTT gets filtered at some firewalls (which leaves me potentially disconnected when I don't want to be). The Ruby libraries used in Huginn for MQTT are only capable of snarfing the contents of the entire queue and then deleting it (it's a known bug that the library's dev won't fix). For other folks, it's easier to explain things as instant messages like Gtalk than it is "install this weird piece of software on your phone and do this weird dance to connect with your bots). "Send a text message" is more comfortable and intuitively obvious.

Ok, cool of you want one readout.

You might like this, for long-term tracking, self hosted too: guysoft.wordpress.com/mtigos/

It's not just sensors - I've got dozens of bots that do different things.

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